Svarga Loka in Ubud

Last month, we had the joy of traveling to beautiful Bali and visiting Svarga Loka (@SvargaLokaResort) in Ubud. Svarga Loka is a beautiful oasis located on sacred land along the Camphuan River.  Named after a paradaise described in the Hindu epic the Mahabharata, Svarga Loka translates to the "Good Kingdom."  The beautiful resort is designed as a peaceful retreat center, striving to help people in their journey through personal transformation.

Svarga Loka has a world class wellness center featuring traditional herbal Balinese therapies, 

Ayusha Spa, which offers open-air spa treatments set alongside the river and surrounded by tropical green trees.  The beautiful natural environment allows you to be fully-immersed in a panoramic view of nature and creates a spectacular environment for relaxation and healing.  The spa has infrared saunas and beautiful, natural river-rock bathtubs.  All of Svarga Loka's products are chemical-free and made with natural herbs identified for holding Ayurvedic properties.  

During our visit, we experienced two of Svarga Loka's traditional Balinese wellness practices and their healing properties at the Ayusha Spa.  

the river view from Svarga Loka's massage villa

Traditional Balinese Couple's Massage
If you are in Bali and looking for a romantic treat with your partner, look no further.  Svarga Loka's massage therapists use traditional Balinese massage techniques to leave your body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.   The massage room overlooks the beautiful river, and has open windows to allow for a fresh breeze to come in.  Each massage oil is a blend of different Ayurvedic herbs that are designed to help you destress, detoxify and decompress.  At the end of your massage, you can rinse off in a private bathroom with a shower and bathtub, or head to the outdoor infrared sauna.


Flower Bath
The tradition of Balinese flower baths combines the natural elements of flowers and water to provide a sense of freshness and rebirth for the body and soul.  The bath is infused with fresh flowers and herbs to help you de-stress.  Svarga Loka's beautiful outdoor flower baths are located right along the river so you can enjoy the healing sounds mother nature provides, and the secluded tubs will make you feel like you have the place all to yourself.  The treatment lasts for one hour, long enough for your muscles to decompress.


In addition to the wonderful Ayusha Spa, Svarga Loka has a wonderful restaurant with tons of vegan-friendly, raw food options. The energy of the entire space was so healing and peaceful and we will definitely be making a trip back!

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