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Hello, my name is Nicole Kay Clark, I go by my full name because there are SO many girls named Nicole Clark. When I attended public school (I was homeschooled for most of middle and high school) there was another girl named Nicole Clark, I also have a cousin with the same name so the “Kay” part helps set me apart. :) My nicknames are Cole or Coley but never Nikki. I was born in Michigan, raised in Florida and moved to California around 5 years ago. When I lived in Florida I attended Daytona State University and loved college but decided to take a break to contemplate what career path I truly wanted to follow. My birthday is November 21st which technically makes me a Scorpio though I also feel that I possess bits of Sagittarius characteristics because I was born on the cusp. My favorite color is anything that can be found naturally occurring in nature. Nothing can compare with the blues of the ocean, the greens of the jungle or the golden tones found across the desert. My current mood is MELLOW and I love taking the time to share a little bit about myself with you. 

 nicole kay clark

Nicole Kay Clark wearing the Heavenly One Piece Swimsuit

How would your friends describe you?
I decided to ask a friend instead of answering myself. This is her reply....which made me cry BTW. She is an angel. 

I would say your a bright light that shines everywhere you go. Your happiness is contagious in the best way possible. People want to be around you because it makes THEM feel good. I know I feel great when we hang out! 

You smile makes others smile. 

Your adventurous soul allows you to live this one life we have to the fullest. 

Your tall and strong and blonde and beautiful. Your heart is real and it shows if people just take the time to get to know you. Your selfless. Your ambitious. Your authentic and bold. Your brave and free spirited. 

But best of all, your my friend! So of all these things that describe you... Just one that describes me is LUCKY. To be your friend.... It's an honor. I get to be a small part of all this amazingness that is you! And I love the little time I get! Your my people for sure!” - @mrs_kuzmovich


What is your favorite thing about being a content creator?
This is a two part answer. My favorite things about being a content creator are being able to have a career that allows me to find inspiration for my work in EVERYTHING I see EVERYWHERE I go. I also really love being able to search for and connect with amazing humans across the globe. There are so many amazing souls on this planet, I’m just trying to meet as many of them as I can! 

nicole kay clark content creator
Nicole Kay Clark wearing the Reverie One Piece Swimsuit


Where is your favorite place to shoot?
One favorite place is really hard to choose but I think at this time my favorite place to shoot is the desert. I like the freedom that you are given to do what you want to do without worrying about insane permits or people watching. In the past few years some of my favorite spots in the desert have started to get a bit more strict with shooting but they’re still 1000x better than places that you find near the coast. 

What inspires your work?
Life inspires my work. Whether it’s a song I’ve recently heard, a movie I’ve watched, a storm that rolled through or just a vibe I’ve been feeling. My work tends to be a reflection of what I’m experiencing and how I’m feeling at the time. 


What's your spirit animal?
I think my spirit animal is a hummingbird. They are always on the go, moving quickly and can never sit still. They seem to want to see as much as possible in a day. They also consume 1/2 of their weight in sugar daily and like them, I have a HUGE sweet tooth. ;)

Tell us more about Cool Girl Connection!
We are a production agency specializing in photo and video content. Our mission at Cool Girl Connection is to connect with creative individuals across the globe; we aim to work with professionals that understand the concept of being “cool”. 

To us “cool” is someone that is confident, creative, bold and brave enough to believe that if you can dream it you can do it!  We represent a wide variety of brands and creatives that know how to march to the beat of their own drum and aren’t afraid to do it. At Cool Girl Connection we create content with and for those that understand that being “cool” is much more than how you look, it’s a mentality. 

How do you practice sustainability when you travel for shoots?
Many travelers shop at tourist traps, they also buy wildlife souvenirs such as shells and plants that should have been left in their natural environment. When traveling for shoots I practice sustainability by making sure to shop locally wherever I go in order to provide to the local economy and I avoid purchasing any wildlife products. “Take only photos, leave only footprints.”

Which do you prefer, being behind the camera or in front?
I love them equally. I like being in front of the camera when I’m working on projects that help others creative ideas come alive. It feels so amazing when you know that you’re helping to complete an artists vision. On the other hand, I like being behind the camera when my creative ideas are coming alive so that I can help with direction of the project. I’m very thankful that I have the opportunity to do both. 

What's your dream location shoot?
My dream shoot location would probably be Morocco. I’d like to attend the Kelaa-des-Mgouna Rose Festival and then do a shoot with all of the flowers afterwards. There are so many inspiring locations in Morocco that I could create content for months and not run out of locations. It’s definitely a must see destination for me. 

Sustainable surf joggers

Nicole Kay Clark ready for to hit the surf in her sustainable Stratus Joggers and Stratus Bra matching set.

What's always in your beach bag?
My beach bag always has sunglasses! I never go anywhere without a pair, they are my lifesaver. 

Who is your WCW?
My women crush Wednesday is my little sister @rebeccaleeclarkk because she is one of the strongest females that I know. She is an amazing mother and a vegan for the planet. She wasn’t always vegan but she made the move and hasn’t gone back. She’s always encouraging my every move and is full of advice whenever I need someone to turn to. My sister has always been my best friend and I’m proud to say that I look up to my “not so little anymore” sister. :)<3 

March 21, 2018

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