For March we are highlighting Gabriella as our Wolf of the Month. Inspired by her love for fashion and passion for a finding sustainable alternatives, Gabriella embodies everything that our Wolfpack stands for.

Where are you from, where do you live, and what do you do?
Hello everyone, my name is Gabriella. I live in Hungary. I’m a yoga teacher and practitioner. I study art-and design management at the university, where I specifically study fashion and sustainable fashion.

What led you to join the Wolfpack?
In the first semester at the university, we had a course named sustainable fashion and it was so interesting for me. I learned a lot about the fashion industry and I started looking for brands that are making sportswear/yoga wear in a sustainable way. And then I found Wolven and I immediately fell in love with everything I saw on their platform. There is so much information about sustainability, about the production, how they care about the planet and so much more! And of course, the clothes were just simply beautiful, and that’s where Wolven became a part of my life. Joining the Wolfpack was even a greater decision.

What’s the best part about being a Wolven Ambassador for you?
Being a Wolven Ambassador gave me an opportunity to build amazing connections with these incredible human beings all over the world. I got so many friends, and I like the way we’re supporting each other. I even find my Wolfpack bestie here. Everyone from the Wolfpack family is super kind, we’re caring for the planet and well we’re so sexy while we do that. 

What is your favorite print and/or style?
My favorite print is Reverie for sure! It was the first set I ordered from Wolven, and it still has my heart. From the basic colors, Salt and Juniper are my favorites. I really love pairing my printed tops with my basic leggings, for example, Juniper with Aquarius, Fauna, and Eucalyptus. I’m wearing leggings and biker shorts 24/7 and I enjoy it so much that I have so many options to mix and match these beautiful pieces. 

How does wearing Wolven make you feel?
I loooove wearing Wolven as you can already tell. The material is super soft, it’s very comfortable and it fits perfectly. I’m actually wearing Wolven every day. It makes me feel comfortable in my body, I know I can do a yoga photo wherever I want because my clothes will support me in it. And I’m not gonna lie, I feel special when I’m wearing Wolven.

What does sustainability mean to you?
Sustainability for me means that we’re constantly searching for new possibilities to make this world a better place. It’s so important for me to protect nature, to care about it, create less waste. 

When or where do you feel most connected to nature?
I feel most connected to nature when I’m in the water, but sadly there’s no sea or ocean near to us. So taking a walk in nature, going on a trip, hugging a tree, or even spending 30 mins outside, maybe surrounded by animals as well, makes me feel so grounded. And I love sunshine, it literally charges my batteries. 

What inspires you?
I think nature is the most inspiring thing around us. It has so many faces, we can learn so much from it. And of course, we can inspire each other as well. I love watching the photos from the Wolfpack, reading what they did or achieved. It makes me happy and it motivates me as well.

How do you envision the future of our world?
As I see more and more people start to care about our planet and nature. And these small steps can create a big change in a positive way. I think this journey of sustainability will not just be more popular, but people start to understand how important this journey is. And when they start to look at it more than just a trend, they get the real meaning and they start to make conscious decisions as well. At least I hope so. 

How do you create your content?
99% of my photos are yoga-related. No surprise because I’m addicted to yoga. I started creating content when I jumped into the Instagram yoga community and challenges. And I realized that making photos are fun and it gives me one more reason to go outside. It’s a win-win right? I even hosted my first yoga challenge sponsored by Wolven, and honestly, it was my favorite. Since then I still do photos for challenges, but I really enjoy looking back at the photos and seeing my progress. When I’m going on a trip or a holiday I literally take tons of yoga photos there, and it makes me happy.

Why should people join the Wolfpack?
People should join the Wolfpack if they want to be a part of an amazing and supportive community and want to learn more about sustainability.


Follow Gabriella @Gabriellamoves for more outdoor adventures.

March 07, 2022

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