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Greetings, Aquarius season. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of shock, sudden change and unpredictability, Aquarius energy is liberating, innovative, curious, independent, rebellious, observant, altruistic and a tad chaotic.

Following earthy and restrictive Capricorn season, where we all get our sh*t together and lay out our plans of execution for the coming year, Aquarius (which is an air sign, not a water sign) is coming through like a lovely breeze, enticing us to loosen our earthly tethers and get loose, creative and weird.

In the tarot, Aquarius is associated with The Star, symbolizing new possibilities, optimism and hope, but not just any kind of hope. It’s the kind of hope you feel after you experience something really intense. After the dust settles, room can be made for new found clarity and inspiration, and that is definitely the vibe of the beginning of this new year. 2020 taught us some hard lessons and Capricorn season allowed them to really settle in as we looked forward and prepared for a new year full of uncertainty. But benevolent Aquarius is here to make us hopeful again and excite us about the unique possibilities that come from such radical change.

Aquarius’ characteristics of innovation, creativity, curiosity, independence, altruism and freedom are represented by the color turquoise which is likewise correspondent to the sign of Aquarius. Taking into consideration this color and these characteristics, I have identified four prints that embody the essence of Aquarian energy and can help inspire us to align ourselves with this season's creative energies, whether you’re an Aquarius or not.


Duh. Obviously because of its name I had to start with this ethereal print but not only is the name a factor, but also the fact that this print actually incorporates Aquarius’ actual color association — blue. And no, I had no part in the naming of this print. Purely serendipitous. Plus it comes in a ton of styles, most of which are reversible and multi-way and Aquarius is nothing if not innovative so the clothing’s characteristics of versatility (and sustainability of course) are definitely a manifestation of inventive Aquarius.

Aqua Aura

Not only does this print house Aquarius’ color association of blue, but its name and design allude to the electric aura that Aquarian energy radiates. The mix of blue and white in this print almost gives it a glowing quality which in turn looks kind of holographic, mirroring Aquarius’ modern archetype as the extraterrestrials of the zodiac. This print definitely embodies the celestial force that is Aquarius.


My favorite characteristic of Aquarius energy is how unconventional and bold it is and that energy is perfectly manifested in the Amalfi print. As the humanitarians of the zodiac, Aquarius’ are unafraid of going against the grain and the pairing of turquoise with a color like red, is physically representative of their bold and eccentric energy. Typically, pairing a blue with a red is a daring choice but turquoise in particular is a shade of blue that has a warm undertone as it is a combination of blue (a cool color) and yellow (a warm color). The fact that there is warmth within a cool color like this perfectly reflects how even though Aquarius’ have a reputation for being emotionally detached (cool), they still have an immense capacity for love and *warmth* which manifests through their humanitarian qualities. Additionally, the color red is representative of action, leadership and vitality all of which are energies that help perpetuate the Aquarian characteristics of philanthropy, curiosity and the quest for freedom.


In addition to turquoise, Aquarius is also associated with the color lavender (which represents mystery, compassion and sensitivity) and this print houses them both, not only with the center of the mandala, but with the reverse side of the bras and swimsuits. The combination of turquoise and lavender in this print exudes a combined energy of celestial mystery and compassionate benevolence. This print just happens to be on sale too.

Now that the dust has (hopefully) settled a bit, we can take the many lessons of 2020 and creatively integrate them into our lives. We all innately know that after 2020, our world has changed forever but most of these lasting changes are for the benefit and all around health of our society. Personally, 2020 led me to a place in life that I absolutely never thought I would be, but it has opened up possibilities that I had never even entertained before. Like The Star card, we are moving forward with our eyes, minds and hearts wide open, ready to grasp unconventional and even shocking opportunities. Our paths have all been altered in some way but now, we get to get curious. Where do these new paths lead? Step by step, let’s put one foot in front of the other, and find out.

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