Hello darling Cancer season! Ruled by the Moon, which has historically been associated with the Divine Feminine (feminine referring to receptive and nurturing energies, not gender) across many cultures, Cancer energy is gentle, compassionate, nurturing, empathetic, supportive, safe, and encourages self-care on both the physical and emotional levels. 


The arrival of Cancer season in correspondence with the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, beautifully illustrates the cardinal aspect of Cancer energy because while it is soft and comforting, it is also determined and always moving forward and thus is the starter of a new season. 

Governed by the element of water which rules the emotions and our hearts, this time of year comes with the strongest burst of emotional feeling. Symbolized by the crab, a creature that is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, this representation is also fitting because as a sign that rules over safety and the feeling of home, crabs literally take their homes (shells) with them wherever they go!

In the tarot, the sign of Cancer corresponds to The Chariot major arcana card. To be completely honest, this card association was one of the hardest ones for me to understand because it seemed so contradictory to Cancers energetic associations of empathy, emotional depth and security. However, once I understood its cardinal characteristics, everything clicked into place. Cancer energy is often associated with motherhood and the nurturing and supportive energy of the Divine Feminine but at the same time, there is no energy comparable to that of a mother exhibiting fierce protectiveness over her child. There are no lengths a mother would not go to to provide for and protect their child.

With this in mind, Cancer, the crab and the Mother are both the Chariot itself, providing the vehicle and protection that is needed, as well as the Charioteer who is itching to move forward.

This loving, protective and nurturing watery energies are manifested in the colors white (truth, intuition), grey (wisdom, dignity, practicality) and light blue (trust, dedication, calm) and I have identified the colors and prints that will help us embody the serenity, tranquility and receptivity that is Cancerian energy. Whether you have prominent Cancer placements or just want to align yourself with the energetic cycles of the year, these options will be our Chariots, and us, the Charioteers.


This serene shade of blue is a stunning expression of our internal emotional waters that heart-centered Cancer rules over. Adorn yourself in this to align with the waters of the Divine Feminine. Allow it to hold you and encourage you to truly feel the depths of your emotions, gifting yourself a beautifully cathartic experience.

Wolf Grey

We, as a wolfpack ourselves, of course know that wolves travel in packs. They protect and support each other and act as an impenetrable family unit and as a sign of family, heritage, safety and home, Cancer energy definitely encompasses the qualities of a wolfpack. Furthermore, Cancer is a sign of home but the sign of Cancer, as well as wolfpacks, teach us that home isn’t necessarily a place, but rather who you are with.


As a sign that is so tied to emotions and emotional well-being, Harmony is a word and a print that showcases this Cancerian quality in an elegant and graceful manner. As a sign that feels so much, Cancers have to be extra mindful of maintaining the balance within their own cups. They have to nourish themselves as much as they nourish others, replenishing their cups as often as they pour from it. It is imperative to maintain the delicate emotional harmony that allows this sign to give and nurture so selflessly. 


Cancerian energy is deeply connected to family, roots and
lineage. It really is so satisfying to me that this print that also houses Cancers color correspondence of white is also named after a word that is an integral part of Cancerian priorities. However in a time where family is not only of the blood, lineage doesn’t always have to be in the blood either, but rather the lasting impact one can leave on others that inspires those in their wake to follow suit, leaving a legacy (and lineage) of the heart.


The word alpine implies a summit, and conquering a summit requires that cardinal
umph. As I previously stated, Cancers’ innate softness is balanced by its cardinal quality of ambition and determination. It is the balance of the Cancerian characteristics of determination and patience that allows us to conquer life’s alpines, both physical and metaphorical.


Ruled by the Moon, it’s only fitting that the Luna print, Luna meaning “Moon” in Spanish, be added to this round-up of Cancerian loveliness. As a sign with so much depth and empathy, and just like the Moon itself, Cancer can often be a beacon and a light in the darkness to those it supports and nurtures. It is a guide to your own heart and intuition and is physically mirrored through this white design cast against a dark surface, just like Mother Moon herself.

As restrictions start to lift and life as we knew it begins to resume again, it can trigger quite the flood of emotions, both good and bad. It is important to remember that all emotions are valid and deserve to be felt and acknowledged and it is okay to feel overwhelmed. Many of us experienced profound changes throughout that last year and may not be the same people we were before everything changed and you know what? That’s OK! Have patience with yourselves and don’t rush to “normalcy” if it is no longer normal for you. Allow this time of transition to be one of discovering who you are now and what truly nurtures the new you. 

May this season bring us the patience and empathy we need to move forward in a changed world. May this season allow us to open our hearts and receive all that we seek and desire because we deserve it. May this season encourage us to be supportive to those around us while maintaining the boundaries we have set in order to maintain our own well-being while being of service to those we love. And finally, may this season guide us to emotional equilibrium and teach us what it takes to sustain that for the good of ourselves, and those around us. What is best for us, is best for everyone else. So It Is.

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The Wolfpack IRL

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Gabriela is a fashion stylist based in Los Angeles, specializing in the use of one’s wardrobe as the ultimate magical tool. Being a Venusian-ruled triple Taurus, Gabriela’s divine purpose is to empower others through the self-loving ritual of adornment. For her, beauty is not an obligation or a convention, but a way of being.

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