Hello there Capricorn season! Ruled by stern Saturn, Capricorn energy is disciplined, prestigious, methodical, practical, realistic, resourceful and independent. They are incredibly self-sufficient and if you’ve ever known a Capricorn, especially in your younger years, you’ll understand me when I say that Capricorns have always been adults, even when they were children. For Capricorns, the sense of time that defines the phases of life, adulthood in particular, and the responsibility that comes with it is all the more apparent when taking into account that fact this it is ruled by Saturn, otherwise known in Greek mythology as Kronos, the God of time. This rulership is one that encourages maturity, longevity and legacy, thus Capricorns eternal adulting.

Capricorns are personified as the sea-goat which depicts their incredible capacity for endurance both on land, sea, and all of Earths terrain, symbolically of course. Capricorns are defined by their diligence and hard work and their ability to take a big goal and break it down into tangible, achievable steps, just like a mountain goat scaling a mountain, step by step.

In the tarot, the sign of Capricorn corresponds to The Devil card. At first, this may seem off-putting and give people the initial impression that Capricorns are not good people but actually, this card symbolizes Capricorns quest to conquer the material and ascend to enlightenment. At the top of the card is an upside-down star, otherwise known as a pentagram which has long been associated with the Devil, but it is much deeper than that umbrella association. First of all, at least in the tarot, the suit of pentacles represents the element of Earth which is the element that rules Capricorn. Second of all, an upright star looks like a person with its head and limbs, with the head being on top which symbolizes Spirit ruling over matter, which is the goal. However, when reversed, it symbolizes matter ruling over Spirit, which can also be interpreted as “bad”, i.e. the churches association of this symbol with evil. As I’ve mentioned in previous style guides, the zodiacal tarot associations are not a description of the sign, but rather the obstacle that they are here to conquer and for prestigious Capricorns, their battle is one of not getting swept away and consumed by material accomplishments, as depicted by the two people on the card being chained to a box and the box being representative of material tethers like unfulfilling jobs and relationships that are only there to satiate Capricorns desire to persevere in society, no matter the personal and spiritual cost. Capricorns challenge is to rise above all that. In fact, the goal of Capricorn is to reverse this card which would then have the star pointing right side up, symbolizing their evolved choice to not settle for societies expectations and letting those same expectations and the conquering of them, define them. It is for them to learn how to acquire wealth outside of the terms with which society defines wealth which is entirely monetary. 

Capricorn is a complex sign that revolves around the themes of accomplishment, endurance, prominence, fortitude and karma and as such, its color correspondences are black (power, discipline, prestige), grey (stability, adaptability) and green (quality, growth, wealth). With consideration to these many characteristics and color correspondences, I have intuitively selected the colors and prints that will best support us during this season of getting our sh*t together before and after the new year. May these garments serve us in our quest for quality, esteem, achievement and dignity.



The purest expression of both Capricorn and Saturn’s color association of black, this powerful and elegant color exerts dominance, control and is, quite frankly, b*dass! The sign of Capricorn is also associated with the crystal Black Onyx which has properties of protection as black is a color that absorbs negativity and bad vibes. This crystal and color also drive motivation and hones our strength and focus, supporting us as we continue our individual and collective paths towards accomplishment. 


Wolf Grey

A color of stability, practicality and maturity, wares of this color can help ground us in our goals before we get carried away with them and start fantasizing and setting unrealistic expectations. This practicality allows us to reel it in and be patient as we map out our step-by-step plans of execution. 



Capricorns sometimes get reputation for having a harsh demeanor but as earth signs they are just so deeply grounded in their goals and laser-focused on their quest to achieve them that that type of ambitiousness can be misunderstood and seen as harsh and even cold. However they are indeed earth signs and as such, there is an innate connection to the color green, in all its many shades. As such a calculating sign, this color also makes me think of Slytherin green and their subsequent pretentious reputation but really, this deep green color is symbolic of self-sufficiency and wealth which is the goal of prestigious and independent Capricorn.



As a sign with such prominent themes of, well, prominence, this warm shade of green reminds us that in order to reach the top, our roots must be nourished and run deep into the earth in order to stabilize us in our pursuits. With Capricorn season falling during the introspective and restful season of winter, this shade of green also reminds us that rest is not only necessary, but truly part of the process of productivity. 



As the sea-goat of the zodiac, Capricorns conquer the top, or Summit, of the mountain, as well as it’s underwater counterpart; think Freud’s iceberg image about the conscious and subconscious mind, but apply that image to Capricorns capacity for endurance to get to the top, which is built on foundations that are unseen, but unshakable. 



Ruled by Saturn, the planet of longevity, it is only appropriate that the OG Raina print, which houses Capricorn and Saturn’s color correspondence of black, be included in this round up as it has persevered and remained a staple of Wolven’s for a long time, outliving many other prints that have come and gone throughout the years.

May this season see us through to the end of the year and give us that final push we need to accomplish the goals we set for 2021, before we begin setting new goals for 2022. May this season provide us the stamina needed to establish the foundations we need in order to sustain the ambitious goals we set for ourselves. May this season allow us the space to recalibrate before we begin our assault on the new year and all we have planned for it. And may this season ground us in our potential to accomplish wealth in its many interpretations, while simultaneously providing the detachment needed to not be consumed by it. So It Is.

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December 23, 2021

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