Wolven Sustainable Activewear Style Guide Sagittarius Edition

Haaaay Sagittarius season. Represented by The Archer and ruled by expansive and prosperous Jupiter, Sagittarius is adventurous, confident, optimistic, restless and magnetic and as such, this time of year is often exciting and exhilarating however…we are unfortunately still in lockdown mode. Sagittarius season in lockdown is an oxymoronic statement in itself however, adventure doesn’t always have to be found externally. In fact, this year’s bizarreness now presents us with a unique opportunity to take this Sagittarian adventure energy and focus it inwards, for inner adventure and expansiveness.

Although Sagittarius is notorious for their sense of fun and wanderlust, they also have a ravenous appetite for knowledge, truth and higher thought which makes their capacity for *inner* adventure, not only possible but innately encouraged. This capacity for both inner and outer expansiveness is mirrored by Sagittarius’ color correspondences of purple (spirituality, imagination) and indigo (dignity, independence).

By honing in on Sagittarius’ characteristics, as well as its color associations, I have identified four prints that embody the deeper learning and experience that this season brings. Whether you have Sagittarius placements in your birth chart that you are looking to connect with, or whether you are wanting to align yourself with the energetic cycles of the cosmos, these prints are here to be your sidekick throughout the adventure that is Sagittarius season.

The Oasis Print

This soothing yet stimulating print perfectly reflects the entire spectrum that is Sagittarius. It radiates the elevated consciousness that is so attainable for high-aiming Sagittarius, while also embodying the intense and raw magnetism that is common of Jupiterean beings. This complex and alluring print also houses Sagittarius’ color correspondence of Indigo, while its flip side is black, all-in-all making it reminiscent of a midnight sky, just before the Sun begins to rise. 

The Argyle Print

This print is like the Yin to the Yang that is the Oasis print. They share a similar diamond pattern but where the flip side of the Oasis is black and its undertones are darker and more reminiscent of midnight, the Argyle’s flip side is white and its pattern is also adorned by a golden hue and has a lighter undertone, making it more reminiscent of golden hour. And just like the Oasis print, the Argyle also houses Sagittarius’ color correspondence of Indigo which is of course representative of the dignified and independent spirit that is Sagittarius.

The Chakra Print

This mesmerizing print invites you to get lost in it and come out from the other side enlightened. From its name “Chakra” which refers to the seven energetic focal points of the human and spirit body, to its Mandala pattern (geometric representations of the cosmos and of wholeness), to its many shades of purple and indigo, this hypnotic print is a pictural representation of the inner expansiveness that we are being directed to by The Archers arrow. May the Chakra print guide us through the internal adventure that is climbing up the energetic ladder of the chakras to achieve “samadhi” (meaning bliss). 

The Indigo Print

I think it’s pretty clear to identify why this color was selected right? Because of Sagittarius’ color correspondence to Indigo. A monochromatic look in this rich color would exude the divinity and higher frequency that enlightened Sagittarius exists in. Allow this magnetic color to adorn you this season while you navigate the many obstacles this year has thrown at us, with the adaptability and grace of The Archer.

After a disorienting and isolated year, and as we begin to reconcile the excitement and anticipation that the holiday season brings with the fact that we are still in major quarantine mode, optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius invites us to get creative with this year’s festivities and do what we can to meet our social and subsequently emotional needs. While “quarantine” seems to be synonymous to monotony, Sagittarius urges us to flip the script, break out of the confines of boredom and get wild! Whether it’s routine virtual cocktail hours with friends and family, solo dance parties to your favorite music, an AirBnB escape for the holidays, getting crafty and hand-making gifts (petition to bring back mixtapes/CD’s in the form of Spotify playlists please???), or even just making sure you decorate your home for the holidays, Sagittarius is here to remind us that fun is NECESSARY and an integral part to maintaining and improving our states of mental health. Let the adventure that is Sagittarius season be the most unique and unconventional one yet.

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Gabriela is fashion stylist based in Los Angeles, specializing in the use of one’s wardrobe as the ultimate magical tool. Being a Venusian-ruled triple Taurus, Gabriela’s divine purpose is to empower others through the self-loving ritual of adornment. For her, beauty is not an obligation or a convention, but a way of being.


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