Head backstage with us to meet Blossom, the next super hero in your playlist. We talked sustainability on the road, girl power, and dove deep into what inspires them to create new music each day. Keep reading to find out more! 

What inspires you to create music the most?  

That’s easy, the crowd! Playing shows and seeing the energy on the dance floor inspires me to create more. I just love it.

How do you see music evolving throughout the pandemic in today’s society?  

For me it evolved a lot by doing live streaming. Twitch allowed me to get engaged with my fans on a more personal level. That’s been the biggest change over the past few years - just being able to have those experiences with my fans and create real friendships with the people who stream. I feel like that's translated a lot to real shows. It’s so fun recognizing people in the audience that I’ve connected with through streaming.

What’s been your most memorable performance?  

Definitely Lollapalooza! I played two weeks ago and it was incredible. Absolutely the coolest experience ever. The crazy energy in the crowd made it so special.

Where do you like to play shows the most?

I love playing at shady park in Phoenix and in my hometown Tempe, Arizona. Nothing compares to that feeling of performing at home.

Top artist you want to collab with? 

Probably AC Slater. I’m a huge fan and he’s a friend of mine. I’ll have to make it happen. 

Where do you get inspiration for your style and vibe?

I do a lot of digging on Tiktok and Instagram just to find influencers I like, looking through the stuff they wear and starting from there . I love to keep up with the latest trends influencers are into.

What do you love most about all the up and coming female artist scene?

I think one big thing is the community aspect of it. Everyone is trying to lift each other up. There is definitely a strong community within the female Dj space of hyping each other up.

What are some things you do to stay sustainable on the road? 

I always have a refillable water bottle with me, I think they just make sense and are so much more convenient to have at all events. I think that is so important.

How can the #Wolfpack find your music? 

Stream on Twitch every Monday and Thursday! You can also find me on Apple Music, Spotify, and pretty much all the streaming platforms.

Follow Blossom @Blossom.dj to stay updated on where she will be next. 


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September 20, 2021

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