Palm trees, pool floaties, and a whole lot of house music… What more could we ask for? Splash House was the ultimate weekend getaway for all music lovers. Especially my house baddies. Yes, we saw you!

For weekend one, Wolven packed up and headed to the desert. We sent our very own dancing queens, Avery and Stephanie to the poolside event of the year. Dressed up in Santorini the duo went backstage with Blossom and SOHMI for some exclusive interviews. We talked sustainability on the road, girl power, and dove deep into what inspires them to create new music each day.


Stephanie could not wait to get on the dance floor! She’s been looking forward to the resurgence of live shows and was happy to tag along for Wolven. Her favorite part was when the beat would drop and everyone in the pool would start splashing! The team couldn’t help but join in on the fun. It is called Splash House for a reason.


Santorini has been Avery’s favorite bikini since the print was released. Being able to style it four different ways made it an easy choice to wear to Splash House. What’s better than having one bikini? Having four! Avery chose to mix it up and style the Santorini Ruched Top print in front while the red reverse side of the matching French Cut Bikini on bottoms. A perfect match! Honestly, though, the girls would have looked cute wearing any Wolven suit.

Heat aside, Splash House was the coolest event of the summer. Three different hotels - all under the Palm Springs sky, brought together by the sound of music. We wouldn’t have wanted to spend last weekend any other way. Thank you so much everyone who came together to make this happen. Blossom and SOHMI, their teams, and Jordan you rock!


Check out our next two blogs and get to know our favorite Djs on a personal level.


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