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As a small business owner, I am constantly overwhelmed by the amount of support and resources you can find for your brand on social media.  Instagram has proven to been an incredible resource in helping to unite an amazing #girlgang of women in business. One of the women I am constantly looking to for inspiration is my friend Ashley French, co-founder of Crystal Tribe with her husband Jordan.  Ashley is an incredible creatress, energy worker & modern day medicine woman who spends her days surrounded in nature in her cabin in Texan hill country, creating and manifesting.  She can be found picking wildflowers  & watching the moonrise at dusk.  Her vision is to spread love & light through the work by helping others awaken to their inner divinity.  The first time I put on one of Crystal Tribe's energy-infused necklaces, I knew that Ashley was tuned in to a special kind of magic, and had to know more! 

What lead you to found Crystal Tribe?
I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember-  making my own jewelry, chopping up clothes, upcycling, etc. Years ago when I first started exploring Crystal healing, I wanted to create my own Crystal talismans to wear with the stones I had handpicked. I soon began sharing & selling my creations, feeling so grateful that I can help connect people with the healing stones that call to them. The more I learned about leading a conscious, high vibe lifestyle, the more inspired I became in wanting to share this vision in a like- minded community, which ultimately lead to the birth of Crystal Tribe. Crystal Tribe brings to the table not only fashion forward conscious & healing jewelry pieces, but tools & inspiration to live & breathe a high vibe lifestyle. 

Do you have any advice for readers who are dying to start their own business, but may feel nervous to do so? 
Never ever second guess yourself! Make that first piece of jewelry, put up that first piece of artwork…don’t scare yourself out of your daydream by getting intimidated, just take the first step. This is your journey, your path; don’t judge your success by someone else’s. 

Ashley practicing yoga in the Wolven Chakra Matching Set

All of your crystals are energy infused, how do you do this process?
Every Crystal that we work with at Crystal Tribe gets infused with divine white light healing energy. I begin this process by smudging myself with Sage or Holy Wood, and then clearing my head to reach a meditative state. I connect with my higher self and the Divine, & ask to be a channel for this sacred healing energy. I offer my blessings & gratitude, & begin visualizing the most beautiful, shimmering, magical white light coming out of my palms & begin bathing & charging each Crystal in this essence until I feel the flow of energy start to subside, letting me know the Crystals have absorbed what is needed. 

Do you have any tips for our readers on how to take care of crystals in order to get the most out of them?
Always remember that Crystals are living, vibrating & are being affected by the energy around them. Crystals will collect energetic muck & won’t vibrate in their highest state if they are never cleansed! Full moons & new moons are wonderful cleansing times for Crystals. Smoke from Sage, Palo Santo (Holy Wood), or Sandalwood incense is one of the best ways to cleanse not only your stones, but the environment around you.

How do you use crystals for healing and guidance in your day to day life?
I meditate daily, and I usually like to hold a crystal during meditation resonating with my intention or point of focus. I always have a couple of stones under my pillow to aid in dream work- remembering dreams, lucid dreaming. If I’m feeling unwell I like to lie crystals on wherever is in need of healing. When I’m working or creating jewelry, I choose a few crystals to have near me to aid in creativity & inspiration.  I like to have a small crystal with or on me at all times. Right now my go to is a small raw Blue Kyanite I got from a sweet, cooky lady at a UFO Watchtower in the San Luis Valley.


How long have you been practicing yoga? What does your practice look like?
I’ve been practicing yoga for about 3 years. I tried yoga before that, but only every so often & not as a mindful practice. My practice usually flows with my vibe- slow, sensitive, & melty…powerful, strong, & charged. Whatever the mood, always flowing and always rhythmic. I’ve been a dancer my whole life and I think of my practice & flow as a sacred dance I do to honor my body every day.

What does your typical morning routine look like?
I like to begin my day mindfully by lying in bed in the morning & thinking about things I have in my life that I am grateful for. I start my day with a glass of kombucha or hot cup of tea, hang out with my kitty while I wake up a bit, maybe write in my journal, then I do a 15- 20 min meditation. Weather permitting, I like to go outside on my deck and wake my body up with a few sun salutations, followed by a morning yoga practice and/ or some HIIT (High-intensity interval training) exercising. 

 What do you think is your spirit animal?
I feel like it changes sometimes depending on where I’m at in my life, but when I was little I “made up” a friend who was a White Tiger & I would pretend to be him sometimes & I feel like that spirit is still around guiding & protecting me.

wolventhreadschakrasetAshley practicing yoga in the Wolven Chakra Matching Set

Your business partner is your husband, do you have any tips on navigating working with close friends and lovers?
I feel forever grateful to spend my days creating with my best friend & husband, Jordan, the other half of Crystal Tribe. I’d say when it comes down to it, don’t caudle each other’s feelings when dealing with business. Lucky for us, Jordan is literally the yin to my yang and vice versa. Not to be astrologically cliché, but we’re a good balance. I’m an Aries- firey, passionate, creative energy flowing, he’s a Virgo- grounded, organized, and analytical. Every day our goal is to help each other grow & continue learning together.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned through your business?
That I am a powerful creator (as are you!) capable of creating & manifesting the life I dream. Being my own boss has taught be to be strong, full of endless gratitude, goal oriented, & forever inspired to spread light.

Running a business is super tough, how do you make sure you stay balanced in your busy daily life?
Making sure I have time for myself is absolute key! Meditation is my saving grace. It’s so important to me to be in a good spot with myself before diving into the work day. Staying present helps me from succumbing to any anxiousness, just being aware of my thoughts, thinking about what I’m doing & nothing more. I also like to make sure I do things to nourish my creativity that aren’t attached to my business. Creating & flowing freely simply is when we tap into our higher selves & that is when the best ideas are born.



Alea Rain in the Wolven Moonlight Mandala Yoga Top and Crystal Tribe necklaces

Is there a great book you’re currently reading?
Yes! By Land Sky & Sea- Three Realms of Shamanic Witchcraft by Gede Parma. It basically takes aspects of multiple different customs & guides you in working with the three realms (land, sky, sea). It covers tools & rituals for breathwork, grounding, astral work, chakra balancing, channeling…so so good!

In the theme of Women’s Crush Wednesday, is there a particular women who inspires you?
My beautiful & loving mother in law, Lavena Rose. She is so selfless, always putting others first. She recently just began practicing yoga & taking time to make a special practice for herself. I’m inspired by her motivation & bravery of getting out there & trying something new.​

Follow Ashley on instagram @ashmoonbaby, and check out Crystal Tribe @crystal.tribe, Ashley has created a special discount code "WOLFPACKLUV" for 15% off her Etsy Shop

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