Wolven's Woman Crush Wednesday: Camila Romero

 WCW: Camila Romero

Have you ever been to a festival and seen someone who is just radiating light and has amazing energy, even from across the room? That girl is Camila, our Woman Crush this week. She's a talented model, a beautiful radiant soul, and soon to be YouTube star! Check out some inside details about this beauty below and make sure you follow her on instagram!
What's your most exciting new project you've been working on?
Ahh I've been working on a lot of exciting projects the one I'm most excited about I'm not allowed to talk about yet booooo! Hahaha but I'm super excited to be finally working on my YouTube channel to be able to show a lot more content about me and be able to connect more with people.
What is your spirit animal?
A monkey! Haha catch me barefoot everywhere climbing things I swear I was a monkey in my past life, and in Indian culture they represent luck in which I feel I am very lucky as well haha.
Camila in the Surya yoga top and leggings at Symbiosis
Which festival are you most excited for this summer?
I'm most excited about Oregon eclipse, I went to Symbiosis this past year and completely fell in love I can't wait to be a part of something so awesome where everyone is coming together from all over the world to take in all the beautiful energy from the solar eclipse.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go first?
Bali, Indonesia because its one of the most highest energy pints in the world and I have to experience that in person. It seems like such a sacred spiritual space that I want to indulge in. 
Camila in the Maya One Piece
What is your all time favorite meal?
Hmmm casuela de mariscos, a Colombian dish my mom makes haha.
What's a typical day look like for you?
My days and life itself are so random, I never know what I'm truly getting into until a day before or even moments before.
Camila in the Awakening One Piece
How do you usually stay balanced?
I try and stay balanced by including yoga practice as much as I can in my life and mediation, I've learned to find which techniques work best for me and I try to really maintain a good practice as well as apply everything to my daily life not just in my practice, I've also because a lot in tune with nutrition and became pescatarian about 10 months ago and I've been trying my best to also keep a healthy lifestyle which helps me feel balanced haha.
In the theme of WCW, is there a certain woman that inspires you?
Ahhh there's so many powerful amazing women that inspire me choosing one is so hard, honestly just all my girl friends and women around me are super inspiring I learn something everyday from the beautiful female energy that I connect with. 

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