Woman Crush Wednesday: Carly Tway

 is Playa ready in the Shanti suit
We're now in the heart of festival season and we've had the chance to work with mega-babe and entrepreneur Carly Tway. You can catch this beauty hard at work, creating beautiful gems for her brand Merkababe Designs, or grooving on the dance floor at a music festival. Make sure you check out Carly in our most recent Burning Man campaign, but for now keep reading to learn some more about this beautiful soul!
The desert is the perfect backdrop for the Fractal top & shorts set
Tell us a bit about yourself!
Hi! I’m Carly, but everyone calls me Carl. I’m currently living in Los Angeles and I love reading, self discovery, alternative healing, spiritual gatherings, art of any kind, and YOU!
You own Merkababe Designs & make some beautiful jewelry! How did that first start?
Thank you so much. It started with my love of crystals and alternative healing. I met a woman in 2010 who enlightened me of the healing power that these gifts from Earth embody and I was hooked! I started my own crystal collection, and that trickled into making jewelry for myself so I could easily carry crystals and benefit from the healing properties all the time. Eventually people around me started asking me if I could make them a pendant or a ring as well, and thus Merkababe Designs was born!!!
How was your Burning Man inspired shoot you did for us at Vasquez Rocks?! 
AMAZING! Haley was the photographer and Bridget was the other model, and I truly couldn’t have asked for a better crew. Haley’s creative eye and Bridget’s beautiful spirit made for one of my favorite shoots to date. I feel so grateful to be able to work with such Boss Babe’s who inspire me to be myself and share my creativity with the world, let alone make me laugh until I sweat…LOL
Mix & Match babe in the Moonlight Mandala top & Fractal Shorts
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
Hmm that’s a great question. The first place that pops into my mind is Tokyo, which I actually do get to visit in September! I am really excited to just dive into another country’s culture and experience it at my own pace with no agenda. I’ve even been learning some Japanese! Watashi wa niku wo tabemasen (meaning: I don’t eat meat) Vegan travel probz ;) 
Are you going to any festivals this August? Which are you most excited for?
YES! Oregon Eclipse Gathering. I am so unbelievably excited. I have never been to Oregon, so that in itself is exciting, and so many of my favorite artists are playing… Charles The First, Random Rab, Plantrae, Goopsteppa, Kaya Project, Kayla Scintilla…and so many more! There’s going to be so many speakers to learn from and classes to take, just thinking about it gives me butterflies. 
Ready to burn in the Shanti suit
What do you do to try & stay green at festivals?
I try to make the least trash as possible. Most of the festivals I attend are "pack it in, pack it out" festivals, so its important to really be mindful of the amount of waste you’re making at your campsite, as well as in the festival. I always bring my own reusable water bottle, mug, plate, bowl, and fork so I can wash them out and reuse them, rather than bring paper plates and plastic forks and knives! 
What's your spirit animal & why?
An owl, for sure. Owls are known for having a deep connection to wisdom and intuition, and I think that translates into having the ability to see situations for their true reality, beyond illusion. I always seem to understand the meaning behind why something is happening, beyond the obvious. I always try to find (and learn) “the Lesson.” 
What's your favorite vegan meal to make?
I’m such a tunnel vision type of person, especially with food. I find one thing i like and stick to it until i’m sick of it. My friends even call me Corn to this day because last summer i was so obsessed with corn on the cob… i know, i know… but right now I love this medley of mushrooms, onions, zucchini, summer squash, and green beans. I’ll pair it with black beans and quinoa and lots of garlic salt and Bragg Liquid Aminos! Seriously, so good. 
Preparing for the desert elements in the Moonlight Mandala top
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope to have graduated some sort of Holistic Healing School, and have my own private practice, maybe traveling, maybe stationary. But i definitely want to be helping people heal and discover their true essence. I always try to remember that to change the world, you must change yourself, so I think healing and shedding ourselves of the conditioning and programming from society so we can be closer to Source Energy and LOOOVE is the most important, and i hope i can help people do just that.
In the theme of WCW, is there a certain woman who inspires you most?
Carolyn Ford. We have this cute joke that she adopted me so I’m her daughter ;) But she is one of the most incredible women I’ve ever gotten the pleasure to know. She is the Guardian of Einstein the ancient crystal skull, in addition to being a beacon of light in mine, and so many other peoples lives. She sheds so much wisdom and love into the world, and I hope one day i can be a beacon of love and light for people too! 

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