Malibu Wine Safaris

Alright guys, I'm gonna be real with you, Malibu Wine Safaris is literally every girl's dream come true. Rosé all day with your best friends, and there are giraffes and zebras! Could life get any better? I definitely do not think so. We spent the day at Malibu Wine Safari's for my dear friend Saman's birthday, and had a blast getting to hang with all of their cute, super friendly creatures.


heliocentrictopSaman wears the Heliocentric Set while feeding Stanley The Giraffe

When we arrived at Malibu Wine Safaris, we boarded a Safari Van and were taken to our first wine tasting spot. The beautiful Saddlerock Ranch is a 1,000 acre family owned property featuring a stunning 360 mountain view. Our first wine tasting destination was next to a field of gigantic flowers, where we sipped on 3 different organic, locally made wines. 

mixandmatchSaman in the Heliocentric Legging and Cosmic Dust Crop Top

Along our tour, we met a number of incredible animals that all belong to the family-owned ranch, ranging from zebras, camels, alpacas, bison and of course – Stanley the Giraffe!  The animals all seemed super happy with plenty of space to graze and bask in the Malibu sunshine. 

heliocentricleggingSaman in the Heliocentric Leggings

After visiting the animals, we stopped for our second wine tasting. The second tasting spot is in the midst of a collection of antique VW busses and vintage taxis, that make for the perfect photo op!  Throughout the course of the safari, we tasted 6 different wines ranging from Zinfandel to Bisous.  The wines are all organic and locally sourced from small vineyards in the Santa Monica Mountains. As someone who rarely drinks, it was lovely to learn about the wine-making culture that is alive and thriving in Malibu.


After the safari, we went to Malibu Wine Safari's winery.  The safari tour provides a free shuttle from the safari location to the winery where you can spend the rest of your afternoon enjoying Malibu! The winery has a super cute old school bus that you can hang out and sip wine in. 

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