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This week's Women Crush Wednesday brings you not just one special lady, but two extremely talented sisters! Florine and Kim  Nüesch are the brilliant directors behind our most recent fashion film "Woven Into You." This sister duo started making films in Switzerland where they grew up. They moved to LA to get their BFA in Film Directing and since have started  Nüesch Sisters Productions! Along with a team of our wolfpack members, these ladies directed the film which can be seen on Sticks and Stones Agency. Be sure to check out the full film and keep reading to learn more about these two intelligent chicas!
BTS~ Flo helping with lighting with the girls in mixed sets of Moonlight Mandala and Mandala prints
Aside from our incredible fashion film, are there any other fun projects you are working on? 
Flo & Kim: We are in the post-production phase for our newest short film “Forget Me Not”. It’s a drama set in the 1970’s about a bipolar single mother and her two daughters. We are also currently writing our first feature film script. 
How is it working with your sister?
Flo: It’s really intuitive. 
Kim: We basically share one brain. Directing is a very demanding job and so it’s great to have someone to share the pressure with.
Flo: Luckily we usually agree on everything and if we don’t, we discuss it and find the best solution.
What has been your favorite location you have shot at?
Kim: We loved the location of the poppy field for this fashion film. But our favorite must be the amazing mid-century house in West Covina that we shot our short film “Forget Me Not” at.
Flo: It was beautiful. Everything in the house, from the furnitures to the books and magazines, was from that era. It felt like traveling through time. 
What inspired you guys to start this business together?
Flo: We’ve been making films together all our lives. It just made sense to start our own production company after graduating from film school last year. 
Kim: We also felt that it was a good time to be a part of the recent development in Hollywood that encourages women to take more key roles in film productions.
Kim in the Shanti One Piece
How would you describe each other?
Kim: As a partner I would say Flo is intuitive, has a strong visual vision and keeps a clear mind in stress situations. As as sister, she’s funny, caring and her stubbornness sometimes annoys the hell out of me.
Flo: My little sister has always been very interested in a big variety of things. This makes her one of the smartest people I know and I think also so talented in writing all kinds of stories. She always has my back, personally as well as when working together. 
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
Kim: For Flo this is definitely Japan. She always wanted to go. I went there without her and she is still jealous about it.
Flo: That’s true but I think the number one for both of us is London, at the moment. We are planning a trip there this summer.
A shot from the fashion film~ @Lidabeh in the Butterfly Being One Piece and @opium_dreams in the Cielo One Piece
What is your favorite part of what you do?
Kim: I really love the first part of making a film. The birth of an idea and then really working out the details of a story. I’m sort of a nerd and actually like doing research.
Flo: I love every part of it. It’s great working with so many different people throughout the production. Every single person involved adds their talent to the final film and makes it come alive. 
In the theme of WCW, is there a certain woman who inspires you both?
Flo & Kim: The two women that inspire us the most are our mom and our stepmother. Our mom, because she was the origin of our inspiration. She was a painter and a writer. She taught us how to tell stories and helped us make out first films. Our stepmother, because she is a brave, intelligent and boundary-pushing journalist and author as well as a loving and caring mother to our two little half-siblings.
Watch the full video here: http://www.sticksandstonesagency.com/woven-into-you-wolven-threads/
Production: Wolven Threads @wolventhreads
Director: Florine & Kim Nüesch @nueschsisters
Cinematographer Walter Diaz @black_holes_in_the_sky
Model: River Johnson @opium_dreams
Model: Elizabeth Havird @lidabeh
Make-up Artist: Crystal Long @ewwjalanis
Wardrobe: Wolven Threads @wolventhreads
Score: Kavon Soltani & Anthony Vekstein
Words: Mani Yarosh @manikrishna
May 17, 2017

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