Women Crush Wednesday with Charlotte Victoria

Charlotte Victoria has one of those creative and inspirational souls that people become enamored by. As a self taught artist, she has pursued her dreams to the fullest extent by taking a leap of faith. From creating beautiful, colorful paintings on canvas, to connecting with someone spiritually and letting their connection create art on that person's body, Charlotte finds means to express herself in so many ways. 

Charlotte in an original Wolven suit

When did you first really get into art?
I was always the child in class who would rather draw an extremely detailed Santa Clause on the back of my accounting homework or was being called out for scribbling on anyone sat next to me with a sharpie however I didn't actually become an "artist" till about 2 years ago when I decided to quit my office job to pursue something a little more...creatively expressive. I didn't study art in college so pretty much everything I know is self taught.

Are there any special projects you’re currently working on?
Yes! Something super exciting. So I just told you that I used to draw on my class mates with sharpie...well fast forward about 10 years and I have somehow managed to get a "job" with a company called Tribal Markers. (I put the word job in quotation marks because I don't really see it was work, it's WAY too much fun to be associated with that word!) I travel from place to place with a pouch full of every color marker you can think of and paint on people. However, it is so much more than just painting, I get to connect with so many people one on one, share stories, set intentions and learn something from each person. It has taught me how to be an active listener, to feel someone rather than just seeing them and the true meaning of holding space. Tribal Markers has a tribe of out of this world talented and enlightened artists who I get to travel with, learn from and grow with which makes it just THAT much sweeter.

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?
Seems like an appropriate question following what I just said because I get so much inspiration from my tribe. I am surrounded by huge hearted deeply talented individuals who I see more as super-hero-aliens than I do as just human beings. For me tribe is essential. My tribe creates a safe space for me to explore any forms of self expression that I wish. They encourage me and join me when I am strong and hold and support me when I am weak. They create my family away from home and teach me the meaning of unconditional loving. I also get super inspired by my homies Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bashar an Abraham Hicks who I listen to on audio books while I paint. No better way to keep both sides of the brain activated.

@LoganBingham in vintage Wolven Gypsy Pants~ Coming back soon! Painting by Charlotte

How do stay balanced each day?
I like to have a disciplined morning routine to make sure that I am feeling balanced, energized, refreshed and ready to manifest the crap out of my day. Seeing as I am self employed I wake up when I want which is defiantly one of the perks to being an artist. I will meditate for around 30 minutes either in silence or listening to a guided morning meditation. After that I like to clean my space while practicing to be as present as possible. For example while I am cleaning the dishes it's all I am thinking about, I practice bringing my mind back to the present moment instead of thinking of all the things I have to do later. The only moment that exists is the one I am in and I have found the more present I am the more I can see the magic that is all around me.

Is there a great book that you’re currently reading?
I am currently reading a book called "How to read the Akashic Records" by Linda Howe. I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to ancient knowledge and self mastery. In a nut shell the Akashic Records basically holds all the information that has ever excised or been thought of rooting back to the first man alive and it's all accessible to us. Yeah. Sounds pretty far out there but I am into that trippy stuff so I am very excited about this book. There is so much yummy knowledge out there and I see life as an exciting game to remember as much knowledge as possible and apply it to this life to make it as epic as I wish for me and everyone around me. Because...why not?

What’s your spirit animal?
It changes. I went through a big lion phase for a while however currently I am feelings rather Wolfie. I run with my pack and soak up all the magic from the moon. ;)

Custom Charlotte x Wolven suit, modeled by @Tessla_Venus

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten this week?

I just collaborated on a mural downtown LA to bring awareness to Standing Rock on the outside of a Native American Cafe called Wild and their food was OFF THE CHAIN! All superfood, organic, vegan cafe with an endless array of mouth watering dishes. The mural took around 4 hours which in that time I ate about 4 meals.

In the theme of Women Crush Wednesday, is there a particular women that inspires you?
A few months ago I went on a camping trip with some close friends and we met this lady named Sunjay who took us on a drum journey. (For all you who don't know what a drum journey is, it's a guided meditation with a drum and a few other instruments). After our meditation she took us on a tour of her home. She was the true definition of a medicine woman. Her sanctuary was filled with different herbs, flowers and handmade instruments. It was like something from a movie set but it was all real! There was a place for everything and everything had a purpose. She grew her own medicine and herbs and had such deep wisdom about life and healing herself and others. I was beyond inspired, in fact I shed a tear or two in her presence. So happy people like her exist.

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