The Pacific Northwest breeds a certain type of human. I may be biased, but there is something about the fresh crisp air, new snow falls, hidden hiking trails, secret precious swimming holes, the calming plethora of creeks and lakes, giant mountains that are surrounding and all encompassing; essentially the essence of growing up in the thick of nature that really changes a person. Growing up there is like being born into the wild, giving a lot of Upper Left Coasters a crazy imagination and a wild heart. That is true through and through for this inspiring woman, for she is the essence of being wild and free. She swims through life with ease and hops from one plane to the other in search of adventure. Our #WCW this week is a true Oregonian, talented photographer, and uber adventurous chick, Eve Hess.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I've been working on a combination of things, primarily I've been building up my photo portfolio and fixing my current photo website ( I've been writing a bunch and have some exciting visual/creative ideas in the works incorporating all of the above that will hopefully be making an appearance here in the soon future! 

I have also been working on starting a handmade kimono/dress business called Mau or @Bali_Mau. I've been in Bali working with local tailors and seamstresses to create a collection of light-weight, free-flowing, beautiful & flattering garments, each piece personalized and one-of-a-kind. Its still a work in progress but it's been a very informative and fun journey thus far. 

How did you get into photography?

I started in High School, just for fun and then I realized I had a real passion for it. I've discovered over the years the true art in photography is truly difficult though, when I shoot an image it will always mean something different to me than to everyone else. I'm able to feel what that moment feels like because I'm there but to capture an image that is able to convey that feeling to an audience who wasn't present in that moment that's where the true art lies. My photography is a constant work in progress but regardless I'm truly grateful to be able to creatively express myself through the photos I take. 

What does your morning routine look like?

Normally roll over, examine how bad the bed head is and determine how long it'll take to get it under control before I prepare to take on the day ;) 

How do you keep a clear and calm mind?

I do my best to incorporate 'me time' into my week, I think it's crucial in maintaining a clear and calm mind. This time can look a lot of different ways but for me its getting out and being active, working out, sweating, being immersed in nature. Just allowing myself the time to be outside and tune in to what I'm feeling, being aware and grateful. We all need time alone to process the world around us in order to stay sane. 

Do you have a strong passion for one thing?

I have a strong passion for living a healthy/happy life. I believe to often we put our own happiness on the back burner for things we feel we should be doing instead of the things that'll actually make us happy. It's not necessarily an easy task, to live in pursuit of happiness, as strange as that sounds but it is one thing I am very passionate about. At the end of the day I want to be able to say I surrounded myself with positive energy, I love others and allow others to love me and I am chasing the things that set my soul on fire. 

What was the last thing you cooked?

To be completely honest, I am a pitiful cook. I mean for your own safety I wouldn't recommend eating the majority of things I attempt to cook haha however, I really enjoy roasting vegetables and will often do a big roast of vegetables with tempe or tofu and possibly a garlic tahini sauce. That's often my go to, its easy, filling and the only thing I can really mess up is burning the veggies. 


How do you keep your body healthy?

I pay close attention to what I'm putting into it. I think especially nowadays it's crucial we watch what it actually is that we're consuming, with all the 'all-natural', 'low-calorie' branding it's easy to mistake something for being healthy when it actually might not be. I also do my best to sweat at least 5 days a week, body movement does wonders for the body and the mind. 

How would you describe your style?

I'm a fan of all things baggy, loose and bohemian. I spend a portion of my time living in Bali so kimonos, dresses, anything that is light-weight and sweat absorbent 


What books have you read recently or are you reading?

I just finished 'The Girl on the Train' recently, great thriller that kept me on my toes and now I'm that much more excited to see the film they're creating and I also read 'Art of Racing in the Rain' it's through the eyes of our furry four-legged dog best friends, super light and uplifting read. 

Is there another artist from your hometown or that you know personally that inspires you?

Well I'm from a place where there are an abundance of creative minded people, I consider myself very fortunate. I've been overwhelmed recently though by the amount of strong independent women who have decided to turn their creative gifts/passions into successful business. It's truly inspirational to see a rise of women taking their futures into their own hands and chasing their entrepreneurial dreams, and not only that but being damn good at it. Christina Evert with CeaBikinis, Lyndsay Anderson with Soul Happy Health, The girls of Crosstitutes, Olivia Ashton Photography, Savannah Blake with Mint Jewelry, the list goes on and on but these women are my constant inspiration. 

In theme with woman crush Wednesday, is there a particular woman that inspires you?

I would say the women above are my #wcw's as well as all the women out there chasing their dreams, going against the grain and being total badass girl bosses. Keep doing all your doing, we're here supporting you and praising your efforts!

Eve is about to embark on a two week road trip with our Creative Content Director, Clare Stager, in Australia! To stay up to date on their whereabouts keep checking our blog and Instragram story. You can learn more about Eve and keep up with her via her blog,, and her everyday shenanigans on Instagram @evehess.


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