Sometimes, we find ourselves day dreaming of being at the top of a lush, green mountain or swimming in crystal clear water with sea turtles. Most people get back to whatever they were doing and take a mental note to book a vacation soon. Alexandra Carson (@alexandra_carson), however took that leap of faith we’ve all dreamt of at some point or another. With some money she saved up, she and her fiance Michael left their home in California, and they have been traveling the world ever since. She’s a modern day vagabond with the Southern California babe vibe. Her adventures have taken her to Florence, Thailand, Indonesia and the small French Polynesian island of Mo’orea. No matter where in the world she may be, Alex always takes the time to get centered on her yoga mat and let the day slip away from her for a bit. 

Alex (R) in our Blue Dream Visionary Swimsuit, with friend Allie (@alliemichellel) in our Saraswati V-Cut Swimsuit while traveling in Bali

 What is one thing you are thankful for today?
My family! This includes my friends and my amazing fiancé. Life is so short. I am so grateful to have such amazing humans to spend my time with and love unconditionally. 

What was the last thing you cooked?
Homemade triple chocolate cake. 

How do you stay creative and inspired?
I am constantly drawn to nature to inspire my creativity. I love taking landscape photographs and writing in nature. 

What is your favorite pick-me-up when you're feeling sad and blue?
Yoga- if I am feeling stuck or down the second I step in my mat and start breathing everything changes in the best way possible.

Is there a woman that has impacted your life greatly (can be a muse, someone you know or don't know)?
My late grandmother. We always cooked together and she would constantly push me to try new things. She taught me that is was ok to be myself, and that that was enough. 

What are three things you couldn't imagine traveling without?
My yoga mat, yoga clothes, and essential oils. Life savers. 

How do you stay healthy while on the road?
I always have my mat with me and keep a steady practice while traveling. I also try to choose the healthy options when eating out. Unless of course I'm in Italy, and then Im just eating everything. 

What do the next few months look like for you?
Trip planning time! I have a few trips in the making right now so we will see how they play out. For now it's home enjoying friends and family. 

Make sure you check out Alex and Michael's travel blog Couple's Coordinates to see where they’re off to next, and follow her instagram @alexandra_carson


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