Los Angeles based photographer, Daizy LA (@aciddaizies) creates some of the most amazing art behind her lens. Her photography is edgy yet ethereal and she makes videos that transport you to the 90's underground music scene. Her Instagram gives you a sense of wild rock and roll mayhem mixed with fine art and fashion. 

How long have you been a photographer?
I've been pursuing photography for about 6 years now! I've always had a sweet spot for photographs, and i'd constantly catch myself looking through endless photo galleries online just constantly being inspired by all of these amazing artists out there. And after going through a pretty traumatic life experience when I was 19, I realized I wanted to chase my desires, dreams, and do what makes me happy because life is UNPREDICTABLE.

Juliana (@julianacruzzz) in our Moonlight Mandala top and Sun Warrior Leggings with Nikita (@itsnikitadesai) in our Fractal Yoga Top and Triangulate Leggings

What inspires you most?
Honestly, I always have trouble answering this question because I just love to create! I will have or hear the simplest idea and my mind just takes OFF. I'm constantly being inspired by everything and everyone around me. So to sum that up, I guess the weird lil universe inside my head is what inspires me most :)

What does your morning routine typically consist of?
My mornings always start with a lil sweet puppy luv from my corgissss :D :D :D My stubby lil sidekicks are the milk to my cerealz. But you'd typically find me brushing my teeth struggling to find coffee and enjoying some fresh air with the pups before headin out for the day. 
Grace (@baybiegrace) in our Blue Dream Yoga Top and Aqua Aura Leggings

How do you make sure you stay centered and balanced each day?
I try to remind myself that it (it being whatever challenge I find my self facing) is all bigger than myself in this moment, and the phrase "don't feed the ego, feed the soul" really resonated with me and that often comes to mind as well. 

What was the last thing you cooked?
I LOVE cooking so heating up pizza does not count. It was probably crispy brussel sprouts w bacon and grapes. favorite. food. ever. yomz.

What is your current favorite band or album?
 I've been listening to Pond, Man it Feels Like Space Again. Highly recommend. Tame impala-y vibes i suppose, rad non the less.

Juliana (@julianacruzzz) in the Chakra Yoga Top and Red Flower Leggings

What would you say is your spirit animal?
My spirit animal is a corgi, obviously. Despite my height.

In the theme of Woman Crush Wednesday, is there a particular woman that inspires you? 
I'm gonna be silly as hell and say my wcw is Liana Wexler from broad city because damn, she re-enforces my weirdness. Yas queen. And everyones should be as weird as they wanna be.

Make sure you check out Daizy on instagram @aciddaizies and on her website http://www.aciddaizies.com.

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