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The Shakti Collection

Our newest collection pays tribute to the roots of our brand. Featuring new mystical prints, elevated active silhouettes, and multifunctional statement pieces that reverse to solid staples. Made with love from recycled bottles, always.
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Noor Reversible Four-Way TopNoor Reversible Four-Way Top
Noor Reversible Four-Way Top $68
Noor LeggingNoor Legging
Noor Legging $88
Noor Front Cut-Out TopNoor Front Cut-Out Top
Noor Front Cut-Out Top $62 $48
Noor High-Waisted ShortNoor High-Waisted Short
Noor High-Waisted Short $62
Noor Racerback BraNoor Racerback Bra
Noor Racerback Bra $58
Noor Reversible Tie TopNoor Reversible Tie Top
Noor Reversible Tie Top $58 $48
Noor Reversible High-Waisted Bikini BottomNoor Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottom
Noor Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottom $68 $54
Reverie Reversible Four-Way TopReverie Reversible Four-Way Top
Reverie Reversible Four-Way Top $68
Reverie LeggingReverie Legging
Reverie Legging $88
Reverie Racerback BraReverie Racerback Bra
Reverie Racerback Bra $58
Reverie Reversible Tie TopReverie Reversible Tie Top
Reverie Reversible Tie Top $58 $52
Reverie High-Waisted ShortReverie High-Waisted Short
Reverie High-Waisted Short $62
Shakti LeggingShakti Legging
Shakti Legging $88
Shakti Reversible Four-Way TopShakti Reversible Four-Way Top
Shakti Reversible Four-Way Top $68
Shakti Racerback BraShakti Racerback Bra
Shakti Racerback Bra $58
Shakti High-Waisted ShortShakti High-Waisted Short
Shakti High-Waisted Short $62
Aqua Aura LeggingAqua Aura Legging
Aqua Aura Legging $76
Aqua Aura Racerback BraAqua Aura Racerback Bra
Aqua Aura Racerback Bra $58
Heliocentric LeggingHeliocentric Legging
Heliocentric Legging $88
Heliocentric Reversible Four-Way TopHeliocentric Reversible Four-Way Top
Heliocentric Reversible Four-Way Top $68
Heliocentric Front Cut-Out TopHeliocentric Front Cut-Out Top
Heliocentric Front Cut-Out Top $58
Heliocentric High-Waisted ShortHeliocentric High-Waisted Short
Heliocentric High-Waisted Short $62
Heliocentric Reversible High-Waisted Bikini BottomHeliocentric Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottom
Heliocentric Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottom $68 $54
Raina Reversible Four-Way TopRaina Reversible Four-Way Top
Raina Reversible Four-Way Top $68
Raina LeggingRaina Legging
Raina Legging $88
Raina High-Waisted ShortRaina High-Waisted Short
Raina High-Waisted Short $62
Summit Crossover Pocket LeggingSummit Crossover Pocket Legging
Summit Crossover Pocket Legging $104
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