Each sale diverts one pound of ocean-bound waste

Our Worldwide Wolfpack

Our clothes would not exist if it weren’t for the commitment and passion from our partners all over the world.

Certified Production

At Wolven — we have two lines of production. One for our modal fabric (made from trees) and one for our Recycled PET fabric (made from bottles). We care about the conditions in which our clothing is made and demand that our partners abide by a strict code of conduct that ensures things like health and safety, fair and legal wages, fair working hours, never child labor, and more. In addition to our own thorough due-diligence, our suppliers are all independently certified.

Ethically made
in China

Our activewear and swimwear is ethically made in China. Our Chinese manufacturing partner is certified by WCA for labor, wages, work hours, health, safety, and environmental practices. We have an 87% facility score — that’s pretty good.

So, why China?

The current reality is that China is far ahead of the US in environmental sustainability initiatives such as clean energy production and recycled fabric manufacturing.

Most brands manufacturing products using RPET in the United States are first importing it from overseas or buying it from a local distributor who imported it first. This process has a higher carbon footprint than importing finished garments due to the percentage of wasted scrap fabric (inherent to manufacturing apparel) that does not need to be shipped anywhere if the garments are produced in the same location as the fabric. Shipping products around the world accounts for the vast majority of many products’ carbon footprint.

Wolven products have a smaller carbon footprint due to being produced in Asia where the fabric is made, and our import shipments are certified 100% carbon-neutral by our investments in carbon-offset initiatives.

Our tees and dresses are all ethically made right here in Los Angeles, CA

All of our modal styles are cut and sewn in downtown Los Angeles by a small, female-owned sewer named Vilma. Vilma’s team of 4-5 sewers work out of a brightly-lit, air conditioned office space.

A note on our carbon footprint

It’s not enough to operate as sustainably as possible, so we also invest in programs that offset the emissions we’ve created. To address our carbon footprint we’ve partnered with Climate Neutral. This means measuring our greenhouse gas emissions footprint, purchasing carbon credits to offset that footprint, and implementing plans to reduce emissions moving forward. This means your Wolvens are carbon–neutral (yay!). These carbon credits support a range of projects such as rainforest conservation and landfill methane-capture. Rest assured that we’re doing everything we can to deliver a product with the lowest possible impact.

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