Wash & Wear Care

Wash & Wear Care We’ve put together tips & tricks to keep your Wolvens looking new and lasting as long as possible — all while decreasing their environmental impact when washing. Let’s talk about microfibers. Did you know that microfibers originate from fabrics we all know and love? These tiny fibers are a huge problem that we are all trying to find an eco-friendly solution for. Polyester, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers — all of which are forms of plastic — are now used in over 60% of clothing material worldwide. Even so-called natural fibers like cotton and wool are usually treated with harmful finishing agents or dyes which can make their fibers toxic as well. Recent research shows that 92% of micro-fiber pollution consists of "natural" fibers. We take this issue seriously and are here to help create solutions that will lead to a positive impact on our environment.

Wear more than once

Our RPET garments are anti-microbial — perfect for washing less and wearing more. Wolven is sustainable in its fabrication but also it’s functionality. That means that you can wear your Wolvens in many different fashions while resting easy because you know our fabric is durable and built to last. Not to mention, we love multifunctionality, so flip it and reverse it to your next look for double the sustainability. Did you know increasing the life cycle of your garments is the most direct way you can reduce waste and pollution in the textiles system? Keeping your clothes in your wardrobe for just 3 months longer can decrease carbon, water, and waste. By buying less and wearing more, we can all have a positive effect on our planet.

Hand wash

Conserve energy and save (a ton of) water by washing your garments by hand. Help reduce ocean microplastics by reusing your wastewater for your garden.

Use a laundry bag

Special ‘monofilament’ laundry bags catch excess fibers and can save up to 90% of them from entering wastewater! Most things we buy nowadays shed micro-fibers, do your part to protect your ocean by investing in a laundry bag before your next wash. Remember to wash cold, use liquid detergent (less friction and shedding) and skip the dryer.