Climate Reversible Tote Bag

$32.20 $46.00


Why carry the weight of climate change when you can lighten your load in style? Our reversible tote bag does just that. With a focus on multi-functionality — our reversible, utilitarian tote features pockets that are perfect for your on-the-go needs.


  • Width 22.5”
  • Height 16”
  • Depth 8.25”
  • Straps 26”


  • Four pockets 
  • Reversible (Inward or Outward Pockets)
  • Black Wolven Label
  • Black Embroidery
  • Thick Straps
The Fabric

Our woven Bull Denim Tote is made from 50% Recycled cotton, 42% sustainably sourced Virgin Cotton, and 8% Mixed Recycled Fibers to make a beautiful biodegradable tote. All cutting waste from production is fed back into the production process to create other textiles.


When we say we want to Make Sustainability Sexy, we truly mean it. We are a team of artists and activists, working to reduce the negative footprints on our earth. Our sustainability practices are rooted in mindfulness and the power of choice — from day-to-day decisions to major resolutions. We believe that a collective effort of sustainability has the ability to change our trajectory towards a healthier, more verdant planet. See? Sexy.