Harmony Neck And Shoulder Wrap


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When we thrive, our planet thrives. Use this neck and shoulder wrap to reset your mind, relax your body and care for yourself. 

Heat Things Up:
Microwave in 30-second intervals, not to exceed 90 seconds.

Cool Off:
Chill in freezer for 4 hours.

Product DescriptionThis neck and shoulder therapy wrap made with recycled polyester and maifan stone filling is perfect for providing calming, relaxing and relieving sensations on your muscles and mind. You can microwave 30 seconds for heat therapy or freeze for a cooling effect.

Product Material: 100% rPET outer cover, maifan stone inner with lavender scent

Product (with packaging) Dimensions: 22 X 5.75 X .75

Product Care Instructions: As cute as she is, please cut off care tag. Continuous microwaving over an extended period of time may reduce effectiveness of contents. To ensure proper performance and safety, replace with a new product after 6 months. Hand Wash Only. Do Not Launder. Spot Clean Recommended. Flat Dry. Made In China.

The Fabric

Made from 84% rPET and 16% spandex, our signature four-way stretch fabric is ultra soft, breathable, quick-drying, and good for the planet. Our fabrics feature a vegan suede finish and are odor resistant.


When we say we want to Make Sustainability Sexy, we truly mean it. We are a team of artists and activists, working to reduce the negative footprints on our earth. Our sustainability practices are rooted in mindfulness and the power of choice — from day-to-day decisions to major resolutions. We believe that a collective effort of sustainability has the ability to change our trajectory towards a healthier, more verdant planet. See? Sexy.