A Potent and Ambitious New Moon in Capricorn 

   Today marks a most potent first new moon of 2018, with the Sun and Moon aligning at 26° Capricorn. It’s time to reach beyond our envisioned boundaries. It’s time to make a fool of our fears. If you haven’t fully committed yet to your new years resolutions, don’t be discouraged! This new moon actually marks the best time to begin getting focused and organized towards accomplishing those goals we decided on a few weeks ago. On New Years day we had a full moon in Cancer, in which emotional activity was heightened and the issues of our current situations highlighted and on display. Full moons aren’t an ideal time to begin a new regimen, for they’re more geared towards awareness and illumination. New moons on the other hand are all about new beginnings, and they’re flavored by whatever sign they take place in. Today’s new moon takes place in Capricorn, a sign dedicated to fulfilling it’s personal journey and accomplishing it’s greatest dreams. Today is the real day for creating and enacting your plan for the year to come.

The moon is dark in the sky, waiting patiently to be painted with light and infused with energy for the goals that lie ahead. With the new moon in earthy and material Capricorn, it’s super important for us to write our intentions down on paper. Capricorn is a realistic and down to earth sign, so wishy-washy goals that float about in our minds don’t stand a chance of lasting here. Write down what matters, make it physical and concrete. Put it somewhere you will frequently notice as a reminder to yourself. Capricorn energy is all about learning to cultivate self-discipline and autonomy.

Plant your seeds and set your intentions, for we will reap what we sow this year, and we’re gonna need a lot of plain old hard work to do it. Currently 6 planets reside in the sign of Capricorn, making the energy of the sky lop-sided and simultaneously hyper focused on the energy this sign represents. This abundance of planets in the zodiac’s only Cardinal Earth sign tips the scales for all of us, as we’re asked to really hone in on our ability to commit to hard work and personal ambition. Believing in ourselves and our journey in life becomes increasingly paramount.

Whatever planets the new moon is in contact with flavors the month ahead and tells us where to look for upcoming themes. This new moon features close contacts with Venus, Mars, Chiron, and Uranus- making this a potentially emotionally charged and romantically flavored time for healing and growth. The new moon is conjunct the planet of love and relationship, Venus, which imbues the month ahead with a strong focus on relationship energy. This conjunction suggests our intimate relationships and values play a bigger role than average over the next month. The new moon also forms a sextile to Mars, our ability to self assert ourselves, and Chiron, our ability to heal our wounds. Mars gives us a boost of added energy at this time in order to tackle our projects, while Chiron offers us the opportunity to take a look at some old wounds that may need tending to. Last but not least, the new moon is square to unstable and chaotic Uranus, perhaps hinting to us of surprises, revelations, break ups, and shake ups still to come over the next month. If anything this can help to give us breathing room from a stale situation. So while we are reaching for the stars and pursuing our most meaningful goals, we also have to contend with the growth of our relationships and the old wounds that still fester in our psyches. We have to allow for change to refresh us instead of frighten us, and we have to get dead serious about what we want and who we want to become.




January 16, 2018

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