Today’s rare and intense Sun, Venus, Pluto conjunction can feel a little bit like a tightening vice grip. The Sun is flanked on one side by transformational Pluto, and on the other by relationship-oriented Venus. The pressure is on to dig deep into our hearts and shake the hands of acceptance and responsibility for our own journeys. Any authority figures looming over us that inhibit our truest expression of self becomes absolutely unbearable today. We must surrender to the intensity of this energy and ultimately allow for something false about our lives and our stories to die.

This powerful triple conjunction occurs in the sign of Capricorn, a sign deeply involved in taking responsibility for oneself and the achievement of one’s most meaningful goals. When the Sun and Pluto get closely involved, as they are today, power comes to the forefront of our minds. We want to set fire to the things that bind us and break the chains that restrain us. We want desperately to reclaim our personal power. While this isn’t the most comfortable energy to manage, it most assuredly is one of deep regeneration.

Pluto’s job is to break down the old and outworn parts of our lives. It represents a source of purifying fire. Venus is also involved in this alignment today, meaning our relationships and emotional baggage must walk through these flames with us. Fire can reduce and cleanse as much as it can destroy. Envision the stifling situations that you can no longer deal with being engulfed by this renewing fire. Picture any residual emotions from the last year that still bear weight crumbling to ashes all around you. You will remain standing soft and unharmed, but what needed to be destroyed will have gone. This is the work of this Sun, Venus, Pluto conjunction. Allow for the death of the old and unhelpful. Allow for false narratives about your life to turn into whispers.

Embrace your inner Khaleesi, and I promise you will come out the unburnt.


With Love,

Mack and the Zodiac

January 08, 2018

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