We have to admit going to Coachella is not only about the final look… but getting together with friends to put together cute sustainable festival outfits truly does have a special place in our hearts. Heading out to the event together – head to toe in vibrant colors and prints decorated with bulky jewelry from someone’s Grandma topped off with thrifted pieces, is everything we could ask for. It just takes adding a few accessories to your outfit to help complete the Coachella aesthetic. Elevating Wolven styles for festivals has always been easy. So why not share the fun with your friends? With Wolven’s array of styles, prints, and unisex options everyone in your rave fam can wear our fierce sets. We’re here to show you how to elevate your Wolvens for a sustainable bestie festival season. 

Honestly, the best part of a camping festival is the chill vibe sweeping over you, your best friends, and the hundreds of other people partying from dusk till dawn. Once Coachella ends – across the festival grounds the silent disco starts. With a never-ending party – you’ll need a never-ending wardrobe. This is why Wolven’s reversible styles will be your best bet for elevating your Coachella outfits for new, (but not wasteful) looks throughout your weekend. Grab your friends and pick out a few prints you love. Between Amalfi, Fauna, Aquarius, and bold colors like Lychee and Tangerine you’ll have plenty to mix and match with everyone in your group.

Wearing Wolven with your best friend is the best way to elevate your set while also guaranteeing you’ll have a matching sustainable accessory for the event. With our eye-catching Joggers, you can match your best friend no matter how they (or you) identify. Wolven’s distinct comfortable Joggers are made unisex with recycled fabric. Providing a sleek refined look, our eco-friendly Joggers are the perfect Coachella pants for masculine and feminine members of the Wolfpack. Bouncy enough to dance in, and adventurous enough to pair with anything you’ll be able to wear these Joggers day-to-night at the festival campground. 

Taking your Wolven set to the next level is as easy as swapping which side of the Aquarius Crisscross Four-Way Top you’re wearing. Aquarius, the blue-based sister print to Fauna, has a simple yet beautiful white color underneath the delicate ocean print, as well as a reversible white side. The mandala centered at the heart of the design compliments Wolven’s Fauna print perfectly for anyone looking to match with their best friend. Without changing out of your Aquarius Joggers you can easily have a whole new ocean-inspired look. Better yet, you can match your best friend all weekend long. 

Coachella is only weeks away, so there is no time to mess around with outfits. With the clock ticking you’ll want to be careful and stay away from shopping fast fashion. Stick with quality sustainable alternatives like Wolven so you can feel good while looking good. Wearing Wolven with your best friend is the best way to fearlessly head into the event. The entire rave fam can wear their favorite print or color Jogger with our unisex design. With timeless prints, it won’t be hard to convince all of your friends to wear matching sets. Especially once you let them know this is their chance to Make Sustainability Sexy.

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Stephanie is a #Wolfpack member based in Los Angeles, specializing in connecting people with their inner child. As a natural born guide, Stephanie's next journey is helping people rediscover themselves through Wolven's powerful designs. For her, being true to yourself, is the biggest adventure of all. 

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