Hellooooo and happy full moon, Wolfpack! This peak of the moon’s cycle falls in the sign of Virgo, otherwise known as The Maiden. Our patriarchal culture has taught us that maidenhood has to do with innocence and virtue when really, maidenhood has to do with sovereignty and being whole unto oneself. But being whole unto oneself is the result of deep healing and as the zodiacal sign of overall wellness, the type of healing that Virgo requires of us is the hardest form of healing: forgiveness.


Often when we hear about Virgo energy, it is synonymous with perfection and high standards, and a lot of that is rooted in the desire for control. But how much control do we really have? Yes, we have free will and through free will, we do have some control. But we also co-create with the universe so some of this life stuff is definitely out of our control. So at what point are we beating ourselves up for things that were out of our control and yet we place the blame on ourselves? At what point are we actually giving ourselves too much power?


With full moons being about release, what we are being encouraged to release is the blame, guilt, and shame we have internalized through convincing ourselves that we are in control of everything and therefore blaming ourselves when things inevitably don’t always go as planned. This lunation is calling us to forgive ourselves in order to make way for the sovereign and self-actualized Maiden within us to emerge. 


These energies and characteristics of autonomy and self-sufficiency take form through Virgo's color correspondences of: navy blue (wisdom, responsibility, authority), indigo (ascension, dignity), and light blue (calm, ease, release). All shades of blue have different energetic signatures but generally, they all have to do with trust, wisdom, calm and discernment which all play integral roles in overall wellness. Thankfully, Wolven has a number of gorgeous blues to adorn us as we celebrate another lunar cycle.

So babes, in order to maximize the potency and potential of this full moon, I have put together a style guide for energetic embodiment, as well as a ritual guide for lunar alignment. 

May this guide inspire you to align with the cycles of nature through both mystical and pragmatic practices!

Style Guide

      • Reverie – By definition, the full moon is when the Sun is directly opposite the moon which allows the Sun to illuminate the moon. This means that because the moon is in Virgo, the Sun is in Pisces. I bring this up because if you read my Wolfpack Style Guide for Pisces season, you’ll recognize that this print is also associated with Pisces which makes this best-selling print the perfect expression of this zodiacal axis.
      • Noor – Virgo is ruled by the element of Earth and personally, the colors in the Noor print always make me think of those photos of what Earth looks like from space. The shades of green, blue, brown and white are evocative of the feeling of home and security that our bountiful planet provides us.
      • Juniper – This soothing shade of blue is the visual representation of the unshakable peace that comes with attained sovereignty. Once we learn to forgive ourselves and those around us, we reclaim our energy by way of not being vulnerable to external triggers.

Ritual Guide

      • Moon Salutations – To me, this is the single most potent way of honoring the moon in its full phase. If you’re a yogi you have undoubtedly heard of Sun salutations, but moon salutations are also a thing! Because the full moon is the culmination of a completed cycle, it has a celebratory and extroverted energy to it, so I find that participating in something active can be an involved way to celebrate the moon during her peak. And of course, because Virgo is a sign that governs wellness, doing a full-body flow perfectly aligns with this conscious sign.
      • Meditate on The Hermit card – Virgos tarot card correspondence is The Hermit. Initially, this card can seem lonely and uninviting, however, the key thing to take notice of is the lantern that The Hermit holds. He is not only using it to guide himself but also illuminating the path behind him, so that others may follow. He does not gatekeep, but rather supports others along their path to self-actualization.
      • Make a list of the things you forgive yourself for – Go deep for this, don’t just stay at surface level! This is for the big things and seemingly small things because the small things add up and over time, we internalize even the things that seem small insignificant. After you’re done, read each one out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror and follow it up with self-hug. You are all you need.
      • Meal prep – True forgiveness takes root when we nourish ourselves intentionally and respectfully regardless of what we are upset at ourselves for. We are human and we deserve to be taken care of despite our flaws. They are what makes us human!

    May this moon allow us to release perfection. May this moon remind us that forgiveness should never exclude ourselves. May this moon bring us the peace that comes with the realization that we simultaneously do and do not have control over everything. May this moon allow us to absolve ourselves of the burdens that we have put on ourselves at no one’s expectation but our own. And may this moon illuminate the autonomous Maiden within. So It Is.

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    Gabriela is a fashion stylist based in Los Angeles, specializing in the use of one’s wardrobe as the ultimate magical tool. Being a Venusian-ruled triple Taurus, Gabriela’s divine purpose is to empower others through the self-loving ritual of adornment. For her, beauty is not an obligation or a convention, but a way of being.

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