Euphoria, the hit HBO Max show has taken over social media and changed the meaning of Sundays for literally everyone (including us). Euphoria stands out as a show for countless reasons, such as their fearlessness to face important and even taboo issues, their bluntness, acting, film-style editing, and of course — the elaborate makeup and outfits. Most of all, Euphoria’s creative styling for each unique character is influencing major fashion trends with each new episode. 

Everyone in the Wolfpack at HQ is a huge fan of the show. Lately, we’ve been visualizing how each character would be styled if they were wearing Wolven, a fit we think is quite natural. Here is our Wolfpack Sustainable Style Guide inspired by the unique styles and personalities of Euphoria’s most popular characters.


Rue’s style tends to be more laid-back or even slightly random compared to the other main characters. She often wears warmer and darker tones, layers (often featuring a crop top), and subtle combinations of prints and colors. With this in mind, the first outfit we envision for Rue would be the Noor Reversible Four-Way Top paired with our Turmeric Pocket Legging. We also think she would like an outfit that consists of our Summit Crisscross Bra and Onyx Midi Bike Shorts. 


Jules’ fashion is much more eccentric, brighter, and expressive. She also had a huge style shift from the beginning of season one to season two. With our first introduction of Jules, she was often wearing pale pastels and playful skirts. This fashion has since adapted with her character development. As she became more confident, so does her fashion. Now her style plays with funky prints, bolder colors, and edgier silhouettes that curate a more form-fitting look. For Jules, the first set we selected is the Fauna Crisscross Four-Way Top styled with the matching Fauna Flares — an obvious choice for someone with a bold personality. The second set we imagine Jules wearing to class is Tangerine, with a Racerback Bra and Midi Bike Short.


Maddy’s style can be defined as fierce, confident, polished, and strategic. She often uses fashion as an outlet and dresses with meaning. In season two episode seven, she told Lexi, “... 90% of life is confidence and the thing about confidence is that no one knows if it’s real or not”. Maddy aims to dress in a way that exudes her confidence, almost as a shield. Her fashion overall consists of cutouts, form-fitting silhouettes, cropped tops, and bold colors. Of course, we had to devote the iconic Zephyr Keyhole Top with matching Zephyr Midi Bike Shorts for Maddy. Maddy would also look vibrant in the Lychee Crisscross Tank and Lychee Crossover Flare.


Cassie has a very fun and girly style. She often wears blue and pink tones that compliment her seemingly innocent personality. Her character’s closet consists of form-fitting clothing with ruffles, bows, lower necklines, and minimal prints. The first outfit we’ve curated for Cassie pairs the classic Amalfi One Shoulder Top with the Amalfi Crossover High-Waisted Short. The second outfit we imagine she would love to show off is the Salt Crisscross Four-Way Top and Salt Crossover Pocket Legging.


Lexi’s style is sweet, feminine, and very much academic-inspired. She is smart and confident in her own way — which can be seen with her peter-pan collars, plaid and argyle prints, and button-up cardigans. Lexi’s color palette consists of creams, reds, darker jewel tones, and grays. Since she's not afraid to express who she is, we picture her in the bold Noor Racerback Bra and matching Noor Legging. We could also see her wearing the Onyx Crisscross Four-Way Top paired with Thyme Joggers, for long nights spent working on her writing. 


Kat’s style can be described as bold, powerful, and most importantly rebellious. Her go-to colors are tones of black and red. Although, this season she has been experimenting with more greens and blues. She often wears corsets over mesh tops — short skirts, cropped tops, and form-fitting silhouettes. She also tends to gravitate towards bold prints and graphics. We know Kat would look and feel confident in the Shakti Reversible Four-Way Top and the Shakti High-Waisted Short. Another option that fits her style is the Onyx Pocket Legging and Onyx Pyramid Top (which could also easily be styled with one of her signature skirts). 

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