Hello, dreamy Pisces season! Ruled by Neptune in modern astrology and Jupiter in traditional astrology, Pisces energy is empathetic, compassionate, lucid, creative, artistic, and perceptive. If there’s one word to describe Pisces it’s deep, so I always imagine them as deep sea mermaids. Neptune is the psychic planet of intuition, dreams, and unconditional love which makes this water sign extremely empathetic. The term “empath” has become so commonplace these days that the ability to really recognize a true empath has become diluted, but Pisces are the real deal. On the other side of the coin is Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion, and luck. This interplanetary interplay gives Pisces the unique and distinct ability to pull dreams (Neptune) down from the heavens and manifest them (Jupiter) into reality. 

Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, which is representative of the constant pull between fantasy and reality, Pisces season encourages us to switch gears from intellectually led Aquarius season energy, to emotionally and intuitively led Pisces season energy.

In astrology, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and as such, it is said that it houses the collective wisdom of the previous eleven signs. This level of depth will rarely be experienced by the rest of us mere mortals, but aligning with Pisces season energy allows us a glimpse into their realm of dreams and wisdom.

In the tarot, Pisces is associated with The Moon card which is a card of the unseen and the unknown. This card is symbolic of the path the moonlight illuminates (as shown on the image in the traditional Rider-Waite deck) through our own shadows. This card can have a bit of an ominous vibe to it because, in the dark, all is not always as it seems and because of that there can be fear and hesitation which ultimately results in resistance. The thing with that hesitation and resistance though, is that it can build up and paralyze us, but growth doesn’t happen in our comfort zones. This card is one that reminds us to trust the universe and surrender ourselves to the inevitable emotional deep-dive that this season brings. The less we resist, the more we flow and will come up on the other side renewed by cathartic release.

These associations and characteristics are expressed through Pisces’ color correspondences of Pale green (soothing, renewal), lavender (compassion, mystery), and indigo (intuition, peace). 

Given these factors, I have intuitively selected the colors and prints that will ground us as we get swept away in the dreamy current of Pisces season.


As a color, Lavender represents the watery and lunar characteristics of compassion and sensitivity. However, lavender also represents mystery and when observed within the context of Piscean energy, this can be applied to the mysteries of the subconscious and our deepest emotions, some of which we may not even know are there, if we only ever bother to explore the surface.



Pisces energy is where earth meets the heavens, ever so harmoniously. Pisces’ innate connection to the heavens, dreams, and the astral gives them a particular advantage when it comes to drawing dreams down from the heavens and manifesting them into reality. The more we tune in to our own spirituality, the more harmony we bring to the two sides of our existence: logic and intuition. 



The rich shade of indigo that adorns this print makes me think of the ocean's depths and subsequently the depths of our own subconscious. However, the white and greenish beige color makes me think of the heavens. Together, this stunning and understandably best-selling print portrays the depths of the subconscious and the heights of our dreams.



This whimsical and ethereal shade of blue is charming and peaceful, just like our empathetic Pisces. This color is soothing and dreamy and comforts us as we stop resisting the inevitable confrontation of our emotions that this season brings and allow ourselves to acknowledge and release all that we’ve endured this astrological year.



As an herb, eucalyptus has been known to have healing properties that cleanse and calm, and as such a cathartic, releasing, and renewing season, eucalyptus can help soothe us as we plunge into the virulent waters of our deepest emotions and emerge revived with a new sense of clarity as the lessons of this astrological year settle and we prepare to apply them in the new year.



As the last sign of the zodiac, it is said that Pisces houses all of the wisdom and lessons of the previous eleven signs. With the Chakras being a path to enlightenment, Pisces and the Chakras have that collected wisdom in common. Plus it houses one of Pisces’ color associations, lavender.

May this season allow us the safety to nosedive into our emotional depths. May this season grant us cathartic release as we prepare to enter a new astrological year. May this season allow us to process the cumulative lessons and wisdom we have acquired this year. May this season reunite us with the deepest parts of ourselves that go so unseen that they are sometimes forgotten. And may this season remind us that all of our dreams can be made possible when we are in touch with every part of ourselves, the good, the bad, and everything in between. So It Is.

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