Happy full moon in vibrant Leo, babes! This lunation brings us the interplay of the luminaries. The full moon, by definition is when the moon is opposite the Sun, which shines its inherent spotlight on the moon, and today is when we reach the peak of the moons monthly journey. The moon represents our truth, intuition, emotions and who we are behind closed doors and today, the moon is in the sign of Leo, the only sign that is ruled by the moons “opposite”, our other luminary, the Sun. When the moon is in the sign ruled by the Sun, in its fullest phase, being literally illuminated by the Sun, it is a sign of encouragement for us to also shine that spotlight onto our truest and innermost selves. 

So often, we make ourselves smaller for the comfort and convenience of others under the guise of wanting to make things easier for everyone and not wanting to cause discomfort or conflict, but at what cost? The Sun is about the self, our identity and the way our authenticity makes people gravitate towards us. But not just anyone, the right people.

Every zodiac sign rules a part of the body and Leo rules over the heart. Learning this completely transformed the way I view Leo energy. Typically, we are subjected to the stereotype that Leo’s are attention seekers but when you are guided by your heart and lead with generosity and dignity, like the lion that Leo is symbolized by does, it becomes clear that Leos don’t seek attention, they inherently earn it because their hearts become a gravitational force. The Sun doesn’t ask or seek to be the center of our solar system. It simply is because it is warm, joyful and nurtures life.

As the full moon peaks and reaches its fullest and most luminous phase, it then begins to wane, making full moons the time for letting things go. With this phase of closure happening in the sign of Leo, this moon encourages us to take internal inventory and ask ourselves, how do I let go of the fear, doubt and judgement that keep me from stepping into my own divine spotlight?

As the full phase of the moon is the peak of its journey, it is also a time of celebration and acknowledging the end of another lunar cycle. Where new moons are soft and introspective, full moons are energetic and extrovertive. 

Because this lunation honors both luminaries, the color correspondences are: white (truth, intuition) for the moon, orange (creativity, exuberance) for Leo and the Sun, gold (courage, alchemy) for Leo and the Sun, red (ambition, boldness) for Leo’s ruling element of fire and hot pink (self-respect, flirtatiousness) for Leos playful and frisky nature.

By combining the energies, characteristics and associations of the luminaries, I present my ritual and style guides for this full moon in Leo.

Ritual Guide

  • Sun Salutations – Normally for the full moon I would suggest moon salutations but because this full moon falls in the only sign ruled by the Sun, I’d say it’s appropriate to switch it up and do some Sun salutations! Extra points if you do both Sun and moon salutations!
  • Go out and dance – Leo is a fire sign and fire signs are full of energy! Work up some internal heat and allow yourself to release all that no longer serves the fullest and brightest expression of yourself through the power of ecstatic movement.
  • Help someone out – Leo is associated with the Lion who is the “King of the Jungle.” But what makes a good ruler? A good ruler is someone who takes care of everyone and everything in their kingdom. They understand that ruling is a privilege and an honor and they stay humble so as to never lose sight of what is important; the wellbeing of their subjects.

  • Style Guide
    • Harmony – This lovely, glowing print is white, the color correspondence for the full phase of the moon. Its name also implies the harmony between the luminaries, today and always.
    • Tangerine – Leo and the Suns color correspondence of orange, representing the vibrancy of illuminated authenticity.
    • Turmeric – Golden hour and solar sensuality energy embodied.
    • Cayenne – Representing Leos ruling element of fire which encourages us to be bold in our individuality and convictions.
    • Lychee – Symbolic of Leos lively, playful, charismatic and frisky nature.

    May this moon allow us to release the fear and internalized narratives that have held us back from stepping into our divine spotlight. May this moon illuminate the entirety of ourselves, leaving no room for shadows and allowing us to feel truly seen in our wholeness. And may this moon remind us that when we lead with our hearts, we become a magnetic force for the right people, as well as the experiences and opportunities that are meant for us. So It Is.


    About the Author 


    Gabriela is a fashion stylist based in Los Angeles, specializing in the use of one’s wardrobe as the ultimate magical tool. Being a Venusian-ruled triple Taurus, Gabriela’s divine purpose is to empower others through the self-loving ritual of adornment. For her, beauty is not an obligation or a convention, but a way of being.

    February 15, 2022

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