DIY Festival Freckles

Fearlessly freckled babe @nicole_currier in the Mística one piece.

With festival season quickly approaching Wolven Threads is bringing you Festy Friday, a blog segment that is a festival and fashion babes dream. This Festy Friday we are bringing you the simple, shimmery, and electric makeup look, festival freckles. 

To complete this freckled look, here are some things you will need:

  • Metallic Freckles: we used Mr. Kate Freckles for this look here.  
  • Rhinestones of your choice. Make sure they have some glue adhesive on the back.
  • Glitter highlight, you can find this online or at any beauty supply store.


Flawlessly freckled babe @laurenjadelm in the Red Flower One Piece.

After you have all of your supplies together, it is time to get creative with your wolfpack!

The best way to make sure you have full evenly spaced metallic dots is to practice first. Start by testing different small dots on your hands with the glitter highlight. Once you have a good rhythm going go ahead and start planning out your freckle design. You can do this by examining what dots would work best symmetrically for your particular face shape. Here is an easy four step process to remember when creating your festival freckles:

  1. Plan: Remember that less is more. Freckles are natural therefore you want to go light and simple with your designs. Test a few before applying metallic freckles to the face.
  2. Apply Rhinestones: Try a small row of three dots down the corner of both eyes first with your stick on rhinestones (pictured above on Nicole). This gives you a bold look around your eyes bringing out the simplicity and subtle sparkle of the glitter freckles.
  3. Apply Freckles: See where the bottom of your rhinestones end on both corners of your eyes, from there move about an inch down onto the top of your cheeks and start applying freckles. Here we used the Mr. Kate Freckles like you would apply temporary tattoos. If you are using a liquid makeup for your freckles, you can use the bottom of a makeup brush to get a full dot.
  4. Apply a glitter highlight: Using a small powder brush gently add glitter highlight around the top of your cheekbones and dust lightly over the freckles you applied. Make sure you have let the glitter tattoo or paint dry before doing this. Add any other glitter highlight to the angles of your face for a more glowing and luminescent look. We used Sephora midnight magic highlighter for this look.

Babe @nicole_currier pairs her freckles perfectly with the Mística one piece.

So gather your local girl gang and bring this simple festival look to life! We can't wait to see what you create. Tag @wolventhreads to show off your festival freckles this season.

March 03, 2017

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