Every time a holiday or big event comes around we start to panic. We might ask ourselves: What are my plans? What crazy friends or family members will I be seeing this time? What do I need to buy or bring? And for a lot of us, the biggest question might be, what am I going to wear? This year the 4th of July falls on a Wednesday, which might mean you do not have much time to plan ahead for your Independence Day events. In situations like this, we often resort to choosing an outfit quickly from a fast fashion retailer that we will never wear again. Instead, this year you should save your money, wear something you already own and support sustainability. There is no need to stress over what your cute red, white, and blue outfit will be this year, wear Wolven!

If you already own some Wolven you know just how incredibly soft and comfortable they are. No matter your 4th of July adventures, whichever bathing suit, matching set, joggers, shirt or dress you choose to wear, you will be extremely at ease with the soft, and breathable fabrics. #MakeSustainabilitySexy this 4th of July by wearing Wolven that you already own. Not only will this save you money and stress, but it will be a great conversation starter to help educate others about what the fabrics are made of and how they are helping our environment. By wearing Wolven on the 4th you are helping support sustainable business designed in the USA!

Here are some ways to style your Wolvens on the 4th of July:

Swim into summer in Wolven one pieces!

Rock one of the many blue Wolven swimsuits on a red ice cream float and look the most gram-worthy at your pool party. A blue swimsuit, like the Stratus One Piece, would also pair perfectly with red or white statement sunglasses, keeping it stylish and functional.

Laugh and let go with loved ones!

Wear a comfy, red and blue matching set to your afternoon festivities. This is the perfect post-pool or beach outfit when you just want to feel cozy. Wearing a matching set will automatically make you look flawlessly put together and is such an easy, go to outfit. If temperatures drop in the evening, layer your set with a denim jacket, an American staple. The Moonlight Mandala Set will look great at your 4th of July vegan bbq when you are hanging out and enjoying laughs and good times with friends and family. 

From day to night, wear Wolven!

No need for an outfit change on the 4th of July, just add jeans or shorts over your swimsuit. Wear the Heavenly One Piece by itself for all of your daytime activities and then dress it up with jeans or shorts when you are off the beach or away from the pool. This outfit could be styled even more with a cute red or white bandana around your neck or in your hair! Enjoy spending your day outside and show off your cute suit by posing in front of some beautiful flowers. 

Match with your boo in your red, white, and blue!

Boys, do not worry! You can wear Wolven and look festive on the 4th too. The Men's Herbstar Joggers are an easy-going option to wear no matter what your day is filled with. Explore the wonderful natural beauties of the world this Independence Day while staying in style. The women's Red Flower Shorts are another cute and comfortable, red and blue option to wear during the summer heat. Wear Wolven this holiday with your significant other and be the ultimate 4th of July #couplegoals. 

Yogis never take a holiday!

Take a moment away from the chaos this holiday and relax and reconnect with your breath and your friends. Start your 4th of July by practicing yoga on the beach with your best babe in your matching red white & blue sets. Not only will you feel good but you will look super cute doing it. Don't be afraid to take a moment for yourself on this beautiful day.

Whatever your 4th of July plans may entail, just remember to smile, be happy, stay safe, and support sustainability! By wearing Wolven you will look and feel amazing and be ready for any possible activity. 

About the Author: Sidney Yost @sid_yo

Sidney has had a passion for fashion and photography ever since she was a child. She has chosen to explore her interests further by studying both fashion marketing and management and photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Growing up on the East Coast in Jacksonville, Florida, Sidney has always found great joy in spending lots of her time at the beach and exploring the outdoors. Through the stresses of life, Sidney discovered and started practicing yoga and meditation and has developed a true love and great amount of gratitude for connecting with her breath, mind, and body. She can also always be found on the dance floor, moving to the music. Over time, she has become extremely conscious of her choices and the impact that they make on the environment and the world around her, learning to care about being sustainable with everything she can. Sidney lives a positive, colorful, free-spirited lifestyle, following wherever her heart takes her. She is blessed to be able to write for Wolven this summer and hopes to connect and create with other like-minded people through this community!

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