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Margo Renate an incredible photographer and creator, and a member of our Wolfpack. Photography is one of the many ways in which we get to share our creations with you guys, and a lot of thoughts goes behind the messages and vibes we want to convey with each shoot. That's why we love Margo's talent and a keen eye for aesthetics. We asked her a couple of questions about styling Wolven for Fall.

It's a new season! What're you manifesting for this month?

I have a few big projects launching that are all a combination of risky and exciting. I’m doing my best to focus my spirit on staying balanced no matter the outcome. I’m also moving at the end of the month which signifies a blank canvas for the energy of my space and both physical and mental organization. I’m hoping to find the perfect place in Venice in the next few weeks. I definitely see a new home studio location for a Wolven shoot coming soon.

What's your Fall style philosophy?

Three key words: COOL, COMFORTABLE AND VERSATILE. Fall is all about earth tones and having an outfit where you can easily shed/add layers and accessories as the temperature changes throughout the day. I’m typically rocking statement hats, big shades and oversized outer layers. I love a long sleeve cropped top with some fun pants and a cozy jacket that can be worn open or closed.

You're a photographer, what's your favorite piece to wear while shooting?

What I love about working with Wolven is I have been in so many different settings for shoots. Sunset on the beach, studios in Venice, hilltops in Topanga, canyons in Malibu, houses in highland park... the list goes on. My favorite combo has to be the biker short or legging with the classic yoga top. I can slip my phone into the pockets, feel secure I won’t fall out anywhere and know I look cute getting the job done.

What, in your opinion, is the most versatile Wolven outfit? Why?

The Fauna Bell Bottom matched with the Ruched Top is definitely it for me because I barely have to adjust my outfit while moving through a busy day. I can rock the bells with the ruched side of the top in the back for more coverage during my morning yoga practice. Flip the top around for a more flirty look and throw a jacket on to run errands or grab brunch with the girls. Then I can ditch the jacket and the bells and substitute with my matching Fauna Reversible French Cut Bikini Bottom and throw on a cozy cover up for my 5pm sunset shoot on the beach. The versatility in every single Wolven piece gives me double the closet and convenience while saving me time, energy and water (because laundry) and I love it.

Margo is a creator with a vision, and one who's always on the move. We hope her tips on how to style Wolven for when she's grounded and in flow help you navigate the transition to Fall.

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