Kindred Sheeler

above: kindred in our Blue Dream Yoga Top

We got the chance to catch up with one of favorite, most inspiring vegan babes – Kindred Sheeler (@iamkindred) -- read more below!  

What inspires you to stay vegan?

Saving innocent sentient beings lives every time I decide to put something into my temple while, simultaneously fueling my body with the proper foods to operate at my full potential....! 🌱❤️🍉🙏🏽🌞🦄✨💕 

What's your favorite documentary?

My favorite documentary is Earthlings. It changed my life. Truly, an inconvenient truth, but absorbing an unbearable level of sadness that  was exactly what I needed to lock it in and commit to a healthier, kinder, cruelty free lifestyle known as a vegan one! #PlantStrong.. 7 years and never felt stronger and more conscious/ clear ❤️

Another one that totally rocked my world on a completely different note was The Secret. That one is way more fun and light✨ soul food! 

above: kindred in our Red Flower Yoga Top & Leggings 

Favorite book at the moment?

Hmmm.. Always loved The Alchemist! 

The last thing you cooked?

Some organic pasta with some fresh marinara sauce, all plant based ingredients of course ;)

How did you start practicing yoga?

About 7 years ago when I started frequenting Whole Foods in Nashville.. I grew up doing gymnastics, but when I found my own flow of yoga I locked in and love it.. I love getting more and more in tune with my body and how it ticks so to speak :) I am always striving to grow and deepen my spiritual / physical self!

Best Fitness tip?

Find something that works for you and be as consistent as possible.. Make sure you listen to your body...funny how communicative it really is when you take the time to listen :)  

Late night craving? 

Orange juice! Extra pulp! I love juice haha sugar sugarrrr Mmmm yeah 😛

How do you manage stress? 

DEEP BREATHING!!!!! And mad prayer :) and hugs from my family 😊


above: kindred with her sisters & friends in our yoga tops & leggings

Do you register with your astrological sign? Do you read your tarot cards or have you had your chart read?

Yeah, totally! My sun sign is a Gemini. I have delved more in to my full natal chart recently and highly recommend everyone do the same.. Quite amusing to see where all the planets were on the exact time you were born. I have angel oracle cards and spirit animal cards! Love them! 

Do you use healing crystals?

Hell yeah!!! Another thing that helps me handle stress is holding on to some rose quartz anytime I am feeling short on love. I believe love conquers all... "My momma says, *waterboy accent* "Love is what we came here for" I try and live by that golden rule :) 


What's your spirit animal?

I have a few...Hummingbird, dolphin & deer! 

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