If you're like me, coconut is an integral part of your everyday routine. I use the oil in almost all of my vegan recipes, lather it in my dry surfer hair and on my dehydrated skin, hydrate my body with coconut water after a yoga session or hot day, use it in oil and lotion form for medicinal purposes and eat it in every form possible because its that delicious. I see girls on Instagram living that island life and posting photos drinking coconut water out of whole coconuts, or lathering themselves in coconut bronzing lotion to bake like potatoes on the beach and think to myself "I'm not that basic" -- but I am and we all should be! Coconut is a miracle blessed upon us by mother earth and I am about to give you some reasons why we should all give into the coconut craze.


Back in the day a high fat diet was seen as the demise of the bikini body and catalyst for the obesity epidemic that now plaques the world. Well, jokes on the FDA because in reality sugar is like Regina George (pretty on the outside but manipulative and evil) and fat is like that super nice girl that works out regularly and doesn't post it on social media all the time (flies under the radar and is really good to have around). All our vegan friends know this and have been living and thriving on this knowledge for many, many years. The oil in coconuts contains MCFA's, a saturated fat that converts immediately into energy for higher brain and muscle function rather than being stored as fat - not convinced?


Coconut oil is known to increase the metabolism and ease digestion, eliminating bloating and (for our travelers) acting as an anti fungal for any tummy bugs. This is due to the antimacrobial properties in the fatty acids - it can be taken orally as a daily supplement to support healthy digestion and as a medicinal aid to rid your temple of unwanted bacteria applied topically (like Neosporin) and is safe to use on your most sensitive parts...


Okay not just like Bey, but coconut oil does strengthen the skins connective tissues preventing wrinkles AND hydrates at the same time. Stay away from chemical packed stuff on the shelves and make your own vegan recipes for body butter, facewash, body scrub, or just apply as is from the jar. No one will ever know how Beyonce does it but we like to think she and the rest of the Illuminati are in on the magical powers of coconut oil.


A jar of coconut oil can be found at health food co-ops or health food stores for under ten bucks. Its cheaper than spending money on expensive lotions, hair treatments, and supplements PLUS its vegan and a lot better for you. In terms of NUTRITION, coconut oil can help fight cravings for people with high sugar diets (everyone in the US without knowing it) by satiating ravenous hunger feelings with good fats resulting in a feeling full and energized. Stay away from chemical and sugary foods, go cocoNUTS!

Stay tuned for some yummy coconut recipes coming your way! Photos of model Alea Rain in our Saraswati V-Cut Swimsuit shot by Renae Saxby



August 08, 2016

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