Woman Crush Wednesday with Sahara Rose

Collectively, our team at Wolven is made up of an eclectic group of beings with open minds, large hearts, and lots of creativity. We are founded in love for this earth and for the creation of each and every individual that has been given the chance to live on mother nature's soils and by her terms. We channel energy from each other and from her to recognize that no one being creates or distributes the same energy, and for that we celebrate! Soon we will celebrate the masculine energy that lives inside everyone, but right now we would like to celebrate a different kind of energy, the feminine. For the next few weeks we will be showing love and appreciation every Wednesday for the rad ladies that we love here at Wolven. 

First up we have our interview with the lovely author, Sahara Rose.

saharawolventhreadskaleidoscopictopWhat gets you out of bed in the morning?
The first thing I'm super excited about in the morning are my Coconut Matcha Lattes I make with hot water, coconut milk powder and ceremonial grade Matcha. I have an electric frother and it's literally been a game changer cuz now I have foam!

What book are you currently reading?
Sex Matters: From Sex to the Superconsciousness by Osho (My favorite thought leader... I've read basically all his books)

Is there a woman in particular that has influenced your life greatly?
I wouldn't say just one woman in particular, but women in general are my inspiration. Every woman has something I admire-- strength, grace, determination, softness. Women as a whole have influenced my life greatly and are the reason I do the divine feminine work that I do. I teach Awakening Your Divine Feminine Goddess workshops and link it in with Belly Dance and Tantra during all of my retreats and have seen it really transform people's lives! We are often so blocked from our feminine sides and once we step into them, so much creativity and juiciness comes out!


Sahara in her Wolven Mandala Yoga Top and Mandala Leggings 
What is your spirit animal?
 I love peacocks because they are so beautiful and poised.. But at the same time, you don't mess with a peacock because they'll kick your ass. I love that balance of grace and badass-ness. 

What was the last thing you cooked?
Oh wow, if you see my Snapchat @eatfeelfresh, you'll see I'm making at least five plant-based recipes a day. The last thing I just made were vegan, gluten, dairy sugar and wheat-free Sweet Potato Brownies made of sweet potato, coconut flour, stevia, chia seeds, cacao, vanilla, baking powder and a few other things. I will post the recipe on my Instagram @eatfeelfresh so you guys can have the exact details!
Where was the last place you travelled to?
I just got back from Italy last week, which is a special place to me because I studied abroad there! I love the culture, food, architecture and playfulness of the people. It's like walking through a museum but way more fun because Italians are so alive.
How do you stay in touch with nature?
This is super important to me, I will literally feel off if I haven't been in nature for a while. Just this week I went on a hike in Malibu Creek State Park with some friends, brought music and just belly-danced in the nature for hours. I get so much inspiration by the way the trees and leaves move while Earth remains so still and sturdy and channel that through movement.
Do you use healing crystals?
I think crystals are beautiful have them all over my house but I don't depend on them for inner-peace. I try to be a crystal and bring light everywhere I go. I think crystals can be a great tool for guidance of meditation but are not the answer. That has to come from within.
What is one thing you do daily to keep yourself happy and healthy?
Movement. I feel mentally stuck if I don't physically move. Whether it's Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Tabata HIIT Training, Vinyasa Yoga or Barre Conditioning, my body craves a sweat session like I crave my morning Coconut Matcha Lattes.
More about the wonderful Sahara - 
Sahara Rose is all about bridging the East and West. Popular blogger behind EatFeelFresh.com @EatFeelFresh, she is a 25-year-old Certified Holistic, Ayurvedic and Sports Nutritionist with an upcoming book, Eat Right For Your Mind-Body Type, infusing Ayurveda with modern nutritional science and plant-based recipes. Sahara believes wellness should be intuitive and exciting, not restrictive and time-consuming. She leads international retreats and online programs to help women achieve mind-body balance through holistic nutrition, divine feminine work and dance. You can visit her website at www.eatfeelfresh.com

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