Seafoam Lemonade

Ladies and Gents, this week's Meatless Monday post is a reminder to STAY HYDRATED. I've created a special Spring inspired beverage to help you do just that. 
Seafoam Lemonade
Much like for your traditional lemonade, you will need lemons, 
water, and a sweetener. For this recipe, I used organic maple syrup.
The twist that turns your average lemonade into a beautiful, healthier, seafoam green version is, drumroll please . . . SPIRULINA! 
While spirulina powder can be looked at as mere dried pond scum, you can't deny that it is literally one of the most potent nutrient sources available. Yes, it is a natural algae, but this Cyanobacteria is packed with Protein, Vitamin B1, Iron, and more than 26 times the Calcium in Milk. Also, the fact that it comes in a powder form makes it incredibly easy for our bodies to absorb as well as digest. 
Now, how to conjure your own seafoam lemonade . . .
1) 20 oz. water
2) 1 Large Organic Lemon
3) 1 tsp Organic Maple Syrup
4) 1/4 tsp of Spirulina 
5)Frozen Blueberries (optional) 
1) Mix all ingredients in a shakable cup like a jar with a lid or a water bottle with a top.
2) Shake up the mixture
3) Add Ice 
4) Chug
That's all you need, folks! Stay Hydrated out there!
With love and compassion, 
Erica @Thenakedflora 
May 08, 2017

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