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Meatless Monday Recipe: Seafoam Lemonade

by Erica McCreadie Erica McCreadie May 08, 2017

Meatless Monday Recipe: Seafoam Lemonade

Ladies and Gents, this week's Meatless Monday post is a reminder to STAY HYDRATED. I've created a special Spring inspired beverage to help you do just that. 
Seafoam Lemonade
Much like for your traditional lemonade, you will need lemons, 
water, and a sweetener. For this recipe, I used organic maple syrup.
The twist that turns your average lemonade into a beautiful, healthier, seafoam green version is, drumroll please . . . SPIRULINA! 
While spirulina powder can be looked at as mere dried pond scum, you can't deny that it is literally one of the most potent nutrient sources available. Yes, it is a natural algae, but this Cyanobacteria is packed with Protein, Vitamin B1, Iron, and more than 26 times the Calcium in Milk. Also, the fact that it comes in a powder form makes it incredibly easy for our bodies to absorb as well as digest. 
Now, how to conjure your own seafoam lemonade . . .
1) 20 oz. water
2) 1 Large Organic Lemon
3) 1 tsp Organic Maple Syrup
4) 1/4 tsp of Spirulina 
5)Frozen Blueberries (optional) 
1) Mix all ingredients in a shakable cup like a jar with a lid or a water bottle with a top.
2) Shake up the mixture
3) Add Ice 
4) Chug
That's all you need, folks! Stay Hydrated out there!
With love and compassion, 
Erica @Thenakedflora 

Erica McCreadie
Erica McCreadie


Erica is your run of the mill, Jim Carey impersonating, jazz music loving, soul singin', drum playing, animal loving, self bio writing, horticulturalist. Managing a local coffee shop, she takes pride in caffeinating the world by day, and keeping up with her vegan lifestyle blog by night. You can find more writings by this fascinatingly average individual at,