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Looking to start your summer off right and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself? Then come and join our wolf pack every Thursday live on @wolventhreads Instagram for a 20-minute interactive workout session with our Wolven babes. Each week we will feature easy at-home exercises that you can easily follow along to as well as fitness and nutrition tips and tricks. We are so excited to welcome you to this new blog segment and cannot wait to see all of our wolf pack babes as they follow us along on our new fitness journey. It's time to get fit with Wolven Threads! 

For our first fitness Friday blog segment babe Samantha Holmes shows you five easy workouts that target different key muscle groups allowing you to use muscle activation to help tone and grow your body.

Chaturanga Pulse Push Ups:

These simple and effective pulsated push-ups are perfect for strengthening your arms and building definition in your back and upper body. To perform this workout start in a plank position, making sure to keep your arms lined up underneath your shoulders for stability and proper form. Lower your arms down to a chaturanga position and slowly pulse from the lower position up and back down again activating your bicep muscles. 

Weighted Lunges: 

These lunges are a great workout that you can perform anywhere. Grab dumbells, a kettlebell or ankle weights and train one side of your body after the other. By alternating each leg in front of the other, you can improve your flexibility, stability, and overall glute activation. Always remember to keep the reps on each side even; this will make sure to distribute your muscle growth on each leg equally. 

Knee to Elbow Plank: 

 These straightforward and effective knee to elbow planks are easy to do with no equipment needed. Incorporate these into your next workout and improve your core strength and balance. Start in a plank position making sure to fully extended your arms and fingers giving you a more stable base to hold yourself up through this workout. Then once you are all set up, gently bring your knee to the same or opposite side elbow, holding this up using your core for a moment then release and do the same with the other leg. 

 Glute Kickbacks: 

This exercise is designed to help build glute muscle and teach muscle activation for growing fullness and roundness in your glutes. It specifically will help with targeting the spot where your glutes and hamstrings meet contributing to lifting your buns. For the best results, complete this exercise at the end of your squat and leg exercise routine. 


Flat Bench Lying Leg Raise: 

Start by laying flat on your back on a workout bench or mat. Place your hands underneath your glutes on the bench or by holding the side of the bench. Make sure to keep your legs extended and bring them up and down from your starting position. 

That's a wrap! Five easy workouts you can do at home that not only will improve your physical health but will also improve your mental health. Working out can be overwhelming and incredibly frustrating when trying to learn new exercises and techniques. So go slow, remember to breathe, eat clean, drink plenty of water and create a healthy lifestyle working out with Wolven Threads. 

Don't forget to interact with us and tag us so we can follow your fitness journey. Tag @wolventhreads and give us a shoutout using the hashtag #workingoutinwolven. 

*Please remember: You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.*



May 12, 2017

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