Aries babes are known for their fearlessness and initiative. Take the reins and conquer your day in the Noor Racerback Bra. The Noor print energizes the soul with golden hour warmth, perfect for this super motivated, extroverted sign. The comfortable racerback feature is perfect for any high-activity adventure, paired with the Noor High-Waisted Shorts or Leggings to make you feel totally unstoppable.

November is full of dreams of new experiences and self-awareness for you Aries. Keep your eye on the ball and remind yourself of your intuitive strength.

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Stability, determination, and a love for life’s pleasures, Taurus babes are sure to fall for the Noor Off Shoulder Top. The Noor print is inspired by the way the light shines through the forest canopy, perfect for this grounded earth sign. Feel nurtured by nature in this sustainable style that features a flattering off shoulder, perfect to show off your naturally delicate collarbones.

November is a breath of fresh air for you Taurus, any emotional turmoil you’ve been experiencing should hopefully settle and find its peace. Remember to surround yourself with those that make you feel good, you might find it benefit you in more ways than you expect.

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Charismatic and a whole lot of fun to be around. Gemini, you’re a perfect match for the blissful Asha Reversible Tie Top. No need to worry about changing your mind, our tie top style can be reversed from the Asha print to a solid staple. The more outfit options, the better, right?! Tie the tie for a cute 1950’s style bikini, or wrap it around your ponytail for the sweetest matching hair tie.

Your social charm is directed toward some exciting career-potential this month Gemini. However, your ruling planet Mercury will be going retrograde again on the 16th, so make sure you are being super clear when communicating with others.

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Cancerians are full of love, care, and compassion. The intimate, yet social sign is the perfect match for the Reverie High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms. You’re always on the lookout for something comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit a killer style. The flattering high-waist on these bikini bottoms show off the subtle and neutral, yet empowering and feminine Reverie print. Pair with the Reverie Off Shoulder Top for a sweet little bikini, perfect for poolside afternoons with your nearest and dearest.

November brings a great reminder for you, Cancer, to keep each aspect of your life in balance. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re bucking under the weight of everything. The new moon toward the end of the month is a great time for you to spend some time with yourself, and focus on what you love most.

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Loud and proud. You’ll know there’s a Leo babe in the room when she’s in the Heliocentric Off Shoulder Top. One of our most iconic prints has made its way into the cutest off shoulder style, perfect for this self-expressive, fun-loving sign! Pair with the Heliocentric Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms for a head-turning bikini, then finish it off with some black platform boots for a killer festival vibe that will have you feeling like the life of the party!

Change is as good as a holiday, they say! November is packed with good energy for you Leo. Celebrate, make experiences, maybe even pick up a new book or hobby you’ve been thinking about!

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Careful and hardworking, Virgos need a wardrobe that doesn’t hold them back. She’s got a busy day ahead of herself, perfect for the Raina Capri Leggings. Featuring a cropped length, high-waist, and zip pocket, great for babes on the go. The Raina print is a head-turning contrast of light and dark because you’re not afraid to speak your mind.

Small talk ain’t your thing this month Virgo. November inspires you to get to the heart of what it means to communicate deeply with others. Career matters are also looking pretty positive this month, keep yourself open to possibilities and take the plunge!

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Charming, diplomatic and a lover of all things beautiful. Libra babes will be dreaming of the magnificence of fractal rainbows that is the Heavenly print. Let your peaceful, loving personality shine through in the Heavenly Legging. The soft color pallet of these leggings will be the perfect addition to your refined sustainable wardrobe because we all know that a clashing color palette will make you twitch. Stretch it out with some morning yoga, then pair with a denim jacket for a cute brunch outfit.

November brings a great time for self-reflection for you Libra. Take a look within and assess what is there. Confidence, love, or maybe a talent that can be utilized?

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Intense and magnetic, the Raina Front Cut Out Top is the perfect sustainable wardrobe stable for Scorpios. The head-turning contrast of light and dark from the Raina print reflects your protective, yet competitive nature. Move with ease with comfortable thick straps, but reveal your seductive side with the front cut out details of this top. Wear as a bikini with the Raina Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms, or pair with a high waisted pencil skirt for a sexy cocktail-dress vibe.

Happy Birthday, Scorpio! November gives you space to finally get to those little things in order after a pretty hectic few months. This is the time to slow down, engage in deep thought, and maybe indulge a little this month, just a little.

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Travelers and dreamers, Sagittarians are are always searching for the next perspective-building adventure. That’s why the Shakti Front Cut Out Top is your next sustainable wardrobe staple. Energize and fuel your desires in the Shakti print, featuring bold and grounding reds. The Front Cut Out Top is a perfect match to your outgoing, enthusiastic nature. Pair with a white floaty skirt for brunch with the girls, then switch it up to a beachside bikini with the Shakti Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms.

Self-reflection and planning for the future take a leading role during November, Sagittarius. Is there anything holding you back from achieving emotional or financial success? Spend some solid time with yourself and listen deeply to your intuition, she always knows best.

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Ambitious, Leadership-oriented Capricorns often look for something that says ‘inspiring boss babe’, so that’s why the Reverie Reversible Tie Top is the perfect sustainable addition to add to your wardrobe. Manifest those big dreams in the Reverie print. The sleek geometric shapes in a divine elegant color palette reflect your structured, yet generous nature. Reverse to a solid staple to show off the multi-functional style.

Capricorn, its time to take a step back and look at your life within the grand scheme of things. This can be extremely daunting, but necessary for your progression and growth, both financially, emotionally and spiritually. What do you love about your work? Don’t be afraid to make changes to suit what YOU love.

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Aquarians are usually thinking toward the future, often with a drive for freedom and self-expression. Like all of our garments, the Asha High-Waisted Shorts are made from 84% recycled plastic bottles, meaning you can continue to advocate your cutting-edge ideas, knowing you’re helping save Mother Nature. You’re full of hope and logic, perfect for the Asha print, which means ‘hope’ in Urdu. Feel divine in the trend-setting high-waisted shorts style. Pair it with a simple white tee on your days off, or match with the Asha Racerback Bra for a sweet yoga outfit.

It might be good to focus on your relationships this month Aquarius. The way you treat others and the way they treat you could hold some insightful lessons for you in regards to your emotional growth and career advancement.

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Pixie-princess Pisces babes won’t go past the dreamy crystalized vibes of the Aqua Aura print. Drift off into the clouds and embrace your wild imagination in the Aqua Aura Crop Tank. Featuring a flattering strappy back detail, perfect for a cute daytime picnic date paired with some white jeans. You’ll have them mesmerized.

Use this month to break out of your routine and expand your perspective! A loved one or a new friend might give you a fresh perspective on something, trust your intuition during this time. You’ll find yourself motivated to get out there and say yes to things, embrace it Pisces!

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