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Here at Wolven Threads, we are constantly on the lookout for inspirational individuals who use their creativity to innovate across creative fields, ranging from photography to fine art art, fashion and film. As a team of artists, we are constantly captivated when we see others bringing their unique ideas to life. With our focus on rad babes each week in our Woman Crush Wednesday segment, we decided to switch things up this Friday and bring you the man behind the camera, Andrew Morgan. Andrew is the owner and creator of Fling Flingand the director, producer and cinematographer of our most recent fashion film for our "Ascension 2017" collection, which features the beautiful Mara Grams at the Figure 8 Pools in Sydney, Australia. 

Andrew is the type of man you can find traveling, producing, editing and creating content that will leave you breathless. He is hard-working, inspirational, and speaks to you through the lens of his camera, creating a unique story that only he can tell. Interviewing Andrew was such a refreshing way for me to dig deeper into the art of fashion film. Here is how our conversation went:

What inspired you to get into fashion film and video industry?
Well, I studied film and creative writing English at the University of Miami. Fashion film was a relatively new medium at the time, and I decided to specialize in doing that. Even in Sydney Australia where I am currently located there were not a lot of people who were doing this as their core business. Once I decided this was what I wanted to do, I dropped out of school because the courses seemed to get redundant to me and I already had a hand on the technical stuff. I just decided that going to LA wouldn't be the best fit for me like everyone else who was graduating and moving out there. Plus, I would have to get sponsored, and it would make it harder for me. I decided that my best move would be to go back to Sydney and pursue this.

What new and exciting projects are you currently working on?
I am sitting on a few different things right now. I am working with Sarah Jane Adams and recently submitted my interview for her, and they used all my supporting footage to tell her story. She is 61 lives in Sydney and has over 130k followers on Instagram. She has also been to LA and New York for modeling jobs. I am great friends with her as well. We recently did a Matrix-like video for her for a new Loreal line. I also have an EP I am visualizing for another artist, and I have been going to Melbourne and Queens to do some shoots. I plan to travel to Bali, Asia, and Hong Kong for a couple of weeks as well. My final destination for a while this July will be England where I plan to stay for the rest of the year on a work visa to capture some new content.


Mara in the Red Flower One Piece, a still from the "Ascension 17" film


What's a typical day look like for you?
Answering emails, editing film and organizing shoots.

If you had to choose, what do you think your spirit animal would be?
Koala (Andrew laughs) they always hang out in trees and don’t move that much and eat leaves all day. Plus, they are asleep for like 20 hours a day.

Creating film and photography content is very time consuming and requires a lot of hard work, how do you make sure to stay balanced in your busy life?
I work whatever hours that I am feeling at the time I suppose. I do stuff from 10 am to 10 pm and then do my editing from 10 pm to 4 am. Editing late like this give me a quiet and tranquil environment where I can get into the zone and work a bit faster because I am not bothered by anything.

Are you reading any good books at the moment?
The last thing I read was different world guides and history books. I enjoy reading about the history of the Mongols or the Vikings. The content is entertaining but also informational.

Working in the creative industry, what or who inspires your work?
I like a lot of stuff from Nick Knight who is a part of SHOWstudio in the UK. He's the godfather of fashion film. I also am inspired by his protege, Ruth Hogben who has created some exciting content as well. She was his protege and then took off on her own. Nick has done visuals for lady gaga and created a lot of high-end high fashion film. I think it is important as well to look at current technology to find the most cutting edge stuff instead of being normal.

Do you have any advice for readers who want to start their creative film and photography business or journey?
I would say to make stuff consistently. The way I began was in 2014 I decided to do a weekly video post with a different model. We would go to their house and style stuff from their wardrobe. I would release a video every Wednesday, and I did this for a whole year. Doing this allowed me to work with different people all over Sydney and gave actual exposure to my new brand. It also gave me a decent following. I made 80 videos in that year with other work I was doing as well. You learn a lot quickly and collaborate with a lot of people who you also end up working with once your brand grows. It connects you to the industry and gives you a good experience building your right target audience. Plus, your individual style evolves out of that. Remember to use your instinct when it comes to shooting because this will give you the most authentic way of creating content that fits your brand.

Follow more of Andrew's creative journey through his Instagram, Facebook, and Website!

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