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Wolf of the Month, Cas Foley, is a passionate Wolven ambassador. Her Instagram page, @oceanyogacas, is full of beautiful content of her performing yoga poses in Wolven on a gorgeous coastline. Her photos are always paired with inspiring messages - ranging from reminders to be kind to yourself and others, to why you should trust in the process of life.

Where are you from, where do you live, and what do you do?

Hello Wolfpack. My name’s Cas, I’m originally from the UK but I’ve been living in the Maldives for the past 15 months, working as a Diving Instructor at a luxury resort. I am soon to be a certified Yoga Teacher and hope to pursue yoga as a career path too.

What led you to join the Wolfpack?

Simply, I wanted to wear beautiful clothes while bringing awareness to the importance and benefits of sustainable, eco-friendly, conscious-consumerism to people. It’s about finding those special pieces that call your name and making them part of who you are; not having 100 outfits to choose from.

What’s the best part about being a Wolven Ambassador for you?

I feel fabulous in what I’m wearing and I feel inspired and empowered by Wolven’s ethics. I love that by affiliating with them I’m aligning with the kind of consumer I strive to always be — ethical, sustainable and stylish.

What is your favorite print and/or style?

I asked my mum to decided which two styles to purchase — she will forever be my style guru and always selects clothes that reflect my personality. So, I have to give her kudos for the feeling I get when I wear my Fauna set. I’ve got the Crossover High-Waisted Short and Keyhole Top but I think the Bell Bottoms would be perfect for a comfortable long flight or a slow flow. Loving that hippie vibe.

How does wearing Wolven make you feel?

It feels like beautifully designed, wonderfully constructed clothing; like love was sewn into it. The designs always give me great energy, when I put them on I feel invigorated and empowered to step onto my mat and explore my inner sanctuary.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Living a life in which we give back to the planet more than we take from it. By planting wild flowers for the birds and the bees, by avoiding single use plastics and recycling whatever we can, by supporting companies who are actively and genuinely trying to do the same. By casting a vote with every purchase we make (or don’t make) we can move towards a better, healthier, more abundant and greener future for our beautiful blue planet. 

When or where do you feel most connected to nature?

When I am scuba diving I am disconnected from all the electronic signals, all the distractions of technology, I am weightless in body and mind. There, floating in a 360 degree landscape of blue, the reefs team with life, colours, movement and sounds. In this space the choice is entirely nature’s as to whether it wishes to grace you with its wildest beauty, a manta ray, a shark, a seahorse, a nudibranch (radical slugs of the sea). Sometimes it’s challenging, other times you can quite literally be slapped by the beauty and abundance of life that engulfs you, either way, I always come back to the surface with renewed peace and energy.

What inspires you?

Everyone’s innate ability to be kind, to be good and to share that with others. That moment when you smile at someone and they smile back, when you share a genuine hug of gratitude with someone you met only a few days ago. When we can connect beyond our physical bodies, genders, labels, titles and simply be loving and kind to another person. That inspires me everyday to be a little kinder a little more patient, a little more considerate.

How do you envision the future of our world?

I hope that people will start to be aware of how much love, excitement, energy and peace can be found in nature. That people start to turn off their technology, even for just ten minutes a day, to connect with themselves and to learn what their true calling is; to see their infinite power.

How do you create your content?

My partner, Aaron and I are co-creators of Ocean Yoga Cas. Yoga has been part of my life for years and Aaron is a professional photographer, during lockdown my practice progressed and my mum suggested we start sharing it (that women is my spirit guide). So, it’s simple — I practice yoga and Aaron takes photos of me. Sometimes we do some posed photos but most of them are just taken on the beach whilst I go through my flow. So, if anyone wonders why I’m always looking so serious — now you know.

Why should people join the Wolfpack?

When our ethics and actions align, we can start to make impacts on consumerism; with every purchase we make we cast a vote for the world we want to live in. If we can encourage people to become aware of sustainability and its importance simply by wearing beautiful clothes — then we shouldn’t hesitate, we should howl.

Cas embodies what it means to be a Wolven ambassador. She creates beautiful content and inspires others to embrace life and be good to our planet. We hope that Cas is an inspiration to all of our Wolves to continue to bring strength and beautiful content to our pack.

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Michaela Barrett is a South African living out her dream as a sophomore at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Her passions include hiking, yoga, photography, and anything that involves being outside. Her favorite place to be is reading a book on the beach on a cool summer’s day. She wants to save our beautiful planet so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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