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Happy Scorpio season, babes. Ruled by transformational and destructive (but also regenerative) Pluto, Scorpio is cunning, passionate, strategic, magnetic, sexual and has an intimate relationship with their shadow, on a level that is rarely experienced. Personally, I love Scorpios and have a lot of them in my life but this zodiac sign definitely gets a bad rap as being psycho, manipulative and secretive but truly, they are just misunderstood. Scorpios are water signs and because they are plutonian shadow creatures, their domain is the dark depths of the sea — dark mermaids ;)

This raw, primordial essence is embodied by traits like sensuality and passion and is also embodied by colors like burgundy (ambition, strength, sensuality), black (power, elegance, control) and red (passion, vitality, assertiveness). Whether you have Scorpio placements in your birth chart or whether you just want to start aligning your life to the natural energetic cycles of the world, the following prints are physical manifestations of these energies and can accompany and guide you through the seductive mystery that is Scorpio season.

The Shakti Print

Well for starters, the word “Shakti” literally means a goddess of power, creation *and* destruction which perfectly mirrors Scorpios plutonian qualities. It also displays all three of Scorpios color correspondences making it the perfect print to help you embody Scorpios introspective energies and purge all that does not serve you, in order to make space for everything new that will. The Shakti print is also an OG Wolven print which means that over time it has come in more and more styles including the classic matching yoga sets, swimwear and even some men’s wear.

The Zephyr Print

Wolvens best-selling print, Zephyr, definitely radiates the sensuality, elegance and power that Scorpio energy is all about. With its flattering and elongating pattern featuring vertical, golden and black stripes, this print is also adorned with a serpent which historically has symbolized transformation and rebirth — hellooo plutonian qualities. Additionally, the serpent has also long represented feminine power and sexual freedom and as a sign which such a dominant theme of sexuality and transformation, Zephyr perfectly encapsulates Scorpios sensual darkness, and guides us to new possibilities.

The Moonlight Mandala Print

As the year winds down and the seasons begin to change, we enter the dark part of the year where our attentions turn inward and we begin to sink into our roots and our shadows. The dark and shadowy parts of ourselves (and of the world) can definitely be scary, but the Moonlight Mandala is here to shed some light and illuminate our paths through the darkness. As creatures with such an intimate connection to darkness, Scorpios are misunderstood and seen as dark, cunning and even evil but what Scorpios understand better than anyone else is that our shadow selves are just as much a part of us as everything else and likewise need to be nurtured just like anything else. We cannot continue to grow if we deny and repress our shadows and Scorpio season marks the time of the year when everything starts to “die”, so that it may be reborn with renewed purpose and clarity. Let the Moonlight Mandala print (which also houses Scorpios color associations of black and burgundy) be a light in the darkness, so that you never forget your bigger purpose.

As the most overwhelming year ever begins to come to a close, Scorpio invites us to reflect on all that has transpired throughout this time. Scorpio encourages us to deep dive into the depths of our souls and discover what hides beneath the surface. Has this year left you emotionally unstable or spent? Have you lost sight of your passions and the things that make you happy and subsequently bring you emotional fulfillment? Are you honoring or repressing your desires? This season begs us to ask ourselves the difficult questions and be honest with ourselves in our answers. This season, prioritize and allow space for solitude and introspection, whether that be in the form of meditation, journaling, therapy or whatever it may be, Scorpio asks us to acknowledge and honor our shadow selves, thus bringing our full selves into harmony and into light.

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