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Hey there, feisty Aries season. With the arrival of the Ram, the sign and archetype of leadership, we are also welcoming a new zodiacal year. As the first sign of the new astrological year, this season is all about Aries’ dynamic and cardinal energies of vitality, assertiveness, confidence, dominance, optimism, power and impulsiveness. Additionally, as Aries season blooms, so does the season of Spring itself and as such, this is the first burst of energy after a season of rest and slumber. 

After closing out the zodiacal year with Pisces, a sign that is said to hold the knowledge and lessons of the collective twelve signs, Aries season is about taking that wisdom and experience and applying it to this new year — and there was a lot to learn from last year. 

Although Mars-ruled Aries is notoriously about leadership, power and authority, Aries doesn’t just use that disposition to only benefit themselves. In fact, they are highly skilled at team and community building and are able to direct and organize those around them to be able to manifest ambitious and idealistic dreams, both their own as well as those of the collective. After a full year of isolation and after exiting the winter season which is one of rest and solitude, Aries season is begging us to reestablish community presence within our lives. Whether that be within your local community or online, this season is about reigniting our inner flames so that we can start the year strong and focused, so as to shape the dreams, goals and visions we wish to manifest into reality this year.

In the tarot, Aries corresponds to The Emperor card and is representative of authority, ambition and strategy. The Emperor is very much about structure and maintaining tradition, but that doesn’t sound very Aries, does it? The stereotypical Aries characteristics we hear about and see in memes are those of recklessness and rebelliousness, but this is a very generalized and dramatic characterization and is only reflective of unbalanced Aries energy, under the influence of Mars, the planet of anger, assertiveness and war. However, when Aries is balanced and is able to direct their energy in productive ways, they become the archetype of The Emperor — someone who is self-assured, confident in their capabilities and driven to succeed. 

As a fire sign, Aries is also highly energetic, determined and sexual and as such, it’s dynamic energy is manifested through both the Mars and Aries color correspondences of red (passion, power) and orange (exuberance, creativity).

Taking into consideration these traits and correspondences including planetary ruler, tarot association, color associations and characteristics, I have identified basics and prints that are reflective of Aries’ energy so that we may embody it and subsequently move through the season in alignment with this potent energy.


There’s really only one way to describe Cayenne in both its spice form as well as its clothing forms and that is — HOT. This vibrant red hue gives off major boss babe vibes and is both sexy and empowering. Cayenne is the ultimate manifestation of Aries’ color correspondence of red. 


Moving further along the spice cabinet, we reach Turmeric, a fragrant spice and a sensual warm orange color that has a slight hint of earthy brown. This unique color evokes the sensuality and self-confidence that is typical of Aries, as well as the structured energy of The Emperor card. This color represents the balance of Aries’ exuberance (orange) and ability to provide (brown).


Sweet, strong and spicy — three words to describe the spice, as well as the clothing. This bold color is part of the new Basics collection that dropped earlier this month and is serving major body. This color is absolutely tantalizing, as is the dirty chai you can pair it with. 


Aries leadership takes form in the Amalfi print. An otherwise unconventional color combination of red and turquoise, this amalgamation is the perfect display of Aries ambition, idealism and fearlessness. While red is representative of passion and assertiveness, turquoise is a warm shade of blue that represents freedom and individuality, two energies that daring and fearless Aries’ are well acquainted with. 


Speaking of tradition, this print has been around for years, and for good reason. Seriously just look at it, it’s mesmerizing. This print houses not only Aries’ color correspondences of both red and orange, but it also has hints of other bold and fiery colors like yellow and hot pink giving this print the effortlessly provocative demeanor that comes naturally to our flamboyant Aries’.


As a fire sign that is so strongly associated with confidence, it’s only natural that that innate inner confidence should lead to a place of sexual sovereignty and nothing says sexual sovereignty like the Hindu Goddess of primordial cosmic sexual energy — Shakti, and her subsequent print.

As this new astrological year begins, may we seize the energies at play and jumpstart our year with the earnest confidence that comes from a place of fearlessness and embracing the unknown. There will always be challenges ahead, but this season is about placing focus on new experiences, adventure and spontaneity. May the fresh energy of Aries season and a new zodiacal year excite us, empower us and encourage us to be daring. Let’s start the year off powerfully by actively working towards not only the lives we want to lead but also the people we are fighting to become. May Aries guide us through life’s obstacles with confidence and passion. So It Is.

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Gabriela is fashion stylist based in Los Angeles, specializing in the use of one’s wardrobe as the ultimate magical tool. Being a Venusian-ruled triple Taurus, Gabriela’s divine purpose is to empower others through the self-loving ritual of adornment. For her, beauty is not an obligation or a convention, but a way of being.

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