Woman Crush Wednesday: Aitana Cardoso

What's most important in finding a "woman crush"  each week is finding a woman who is not only a beautiful being, but is also inspiring. Aitana is  so well rounded as a talented writer, marketer and model. She cures her wanderlust by continuing to travel and explore this beautiful world we live in. One look at her instagram and you'll want to hop on a plane and head to Europe, the Caribbean, or Burning Man. Her writing will encourage you to open a journal and let your mind wander. Keep reading to check out our interview and get a peek inside her daily life!

Are you working on any new exciting projects? 

My friends in Toronto just launched “FLOW” the app; @flowappco, which allows you to manage and create the look/story you want your Instagram to translate to after the first glance. I’m helping with the creative, scouting, and ambassador’s aspect of it. I’ve been doing product development and social media marketing for over a year now and there is so much business and future in it. I’m very excited about it. Elite Daily just published another of my works so that’s always a booster. 

How do you stay balanced each day?

I wake up very early, my internal alarm never seems to fail which is a blessing in disguise. I have a big breakfast and then get to my emails. Elite Daily always sends you a daily list of interesting topics so I always find it helpful to do some investigative journalism and get the writing flow going even if I’m not going to write an article to get the creative motor started. I’ve been going to a class at CorePower Yoga a day, which revitalizes and centers me tremendously after each class.

Aitana in our new Transcendence One Piece

Is there a great book that you are currently reading?

Surprisingly I’m moving on from the enlightened Osho books for now and I’m reading “Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck” by Amy Falkon. It’s based in LA, which frequently seems to have a loss for guidelines about how to be good human beings even when dealing with the increasing onslaught of rudeness we all encounter.
The book leads you out of the miasma of the twenty-first century mannerlessness, science-based and it has bitingly amusing syndicated advice. Anything with wit and style… send it over. 

When did you become passionate about writing?

Since before college. Living in the hotel in Aruba I remember I would make it part of my day to go and write something every sunset. When I let myself show my works to people, they liked it – a lot. So I decided to pursue journalism in college, did an internship at Haute Living magazine and it just boosted from there.

What's your spirit animal?

This is always a hard one. When people meet me they think I’m either a gazelle or a tiger because of my introvert-extrovert personality. But I identify with dolphins and elephants. Dolphins because of how closely in tuned they are with their instincts and have a deep inner strength. They’re also a symbol of protection and resurrection. Their playful nature reminds me to approach life with more humor, I’m such a overachiever and I over think so much that it makes my brain fry like my morning fry eggs many times. Things go right because of how I go around them, but it would be good to allow them to flow and go left if needed as well.

If you could pack your bags and travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

My boyfriend and I just came from a one-month Eurotrip (Berlin, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, London, Paris) so I would go the other side of the world, Australia or Thailand. I think those countries have far more to show you than commercialized fancy destinations.

In the theme of Women Crush Wednesdays, is there a particular woman that inspires you?

I’ve recently reconnected with the wonder of Madame Ching – just the most badass greatest female pirate. She controlled over 2,000 ships and 50,000 pirates and squadrons during the 19th century.  She was never defeated and her ships proved to be stronger than the entire Chinese military. She died running a gambling house. Madame Ching think she fought for women empowerment and demanded fair treatment and she got it.

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