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This week's Woman Crush Wednesday brings you our Wolfpack's favorite stylish duo, Glitter Spies. Ashley and Tessla are best friends who basically run the festival fashion world. These babes are fearless in their styles and have taken their skills and passions to create a world where they are surrounded by music, good vibes, the coolest fashion and of course, lots of glitter. Ash and Tessla are the girls behind the Desert Hearts fashion show, bringing you the coolest fashion in the most beautiful setting surrounded by amazing people and music. The fashion show alone should be your reason to get tickets to the desert next year! Keep reading to learn so much more about these bad ass and inspiring beauties! Also stay tuned because these ladies will be taking over our instagram for Coachella Weekend 2!
Glitter Spy, Ashley in the Awakening One Piece. Glasses from Light Matter, Necklace from Marina Fini
Glitter Spy, Tessla in the M ística One Piece, Shoes from YRU
How did Glitter Spies come about?
Ash: We worked a festival together a few years ago called A Day in the Desert. I was working artist hospitality and Tessla was doing decor. We had to use walkie talkies to communicate and we started talking as if we were secret agents whenever we had an issue we had to solve. I made the comment “We are like Intergalactic Glitter Spies” and Tessla stopped me in my tracks and said “That’s something! I don’t know what it is but it’s something!” and she wrote it down in her phone. Later we started an instagram showcasing all the amazing things we were seeing while working and attending festivals. Glitter Spies was the obvious choice for the name, and that platform morphed into the business we also do our styling under.

Tessla: It was a really magical moment. We were walking with a few people when Ash said, “Intergalactic Glitter Spies”. I knew in that instant it was something really important. Throughout the festival, Ash and I realized we thrived both working in a festival environment and together. After the festival, we both decided to pursue our dreams full force. I with vendor coordinating and she with artist hospitality. That turned into styling the artists with vendor clothing which turned into styling people for festivals in general. We are spies. Constantly searching for the best of the best fashion, music and people.

What's it like working so closely with your best friend?
Ash: Its really special to connect with someone on not only on a friend level, but on a business level too. We have an element of trust that is really solid. We trust one another’s judgment 100% and our ability to communicate clearly allows us to work through obstacles with ease.  Styling and working events together is our creative outlet, and to have the opportunity to play off of each other is honestly the greatest magic I have ever experienced.

Tessla: We keep each other in check at every level. Personal, professional and even spiritually. It’s really powerful to have someone that you can be completely honest with that knows every facet of your life. Our professional goals align in such a beautiful way that we are able to help each other with more personal projects and come together even stronger for the ones we are both involved with. We flow so beautifully together that if one of us is stuck on something, the other can often come up with the solution. Our clients provide a human canvas on which we both create a wearable work of art.

How would you describe each other?
Tessla is one of the most complex and unique creatures I have ever met. Her ability to not only connect with people from all walks of life, but to make everyone feel important is probably my favorite thing about her. She has a gentleness that makes people feel at ease. This comes in handy when styling people. She really connects with our clients to figure out exactly what it is they will be comfortable in, while also making them comfortable enough to take fashion risks. On top of all of this she is incredibly intelligent. She is one of the few friends I have that will dig deep with me on subjects like philosophy, history, and metaphysical stuff. I love her so much.

Ash is fiercely authentic. Her ability to be honest with herself and others is unmatched. She is constantly striving to be better and never settles. She is never shy and unafraid to tell people straight up how she feels. One of my favorite moments was when we were in Venice Beach and this hot guy rode past on his bike. She literally screamed at him, “I need more of you!” And he turned around. She is so good at picking people out of a crowd, telling them they are amazing and most importantly, meaning it. This really helps when we style clients becuase she can point at a person, grab a garment, demand they try it on and 9/10 it is a perfect fit. She pushes me to be better and always ask for more. She is incredibly creative and artistic in so many fields and I see her art shine through in many mediums. She also has an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Who is each of yours all time fashion icon?
I would have to say Jimi Hendrix. The androgyny in his styling and the textures and patterns he would combine inspire me so much.

I couldn’t just pick one! My guy is certainly Brian Jones. His ability to pile on ruffles, jewelry and mixed prints while still looking masculine was incredible. And then there is Lady Gaga. Her attitude towards fashion and style is artistic and intellectual. Fashion is a huge element of her performances and music videos. She really brought high fashion and major risk-taking to the mainstream audience. She understands how fashion can inspire people to be their true selves. She also had a close, even though brief, relationship with Alexander McQueen who is my favorite designer and has an ode to him in her song “Fashion of His Love.” That intersection of music and fashion makes my heart so full.

Tessla styled the Mistica one piece with the Starseed leggings and Hair Wraps from Rust Locks, Ashley styled the Awakening one piece with the Orbit joggers and Necklace from Marina Fini

What's your first thought usually when you get dressed each day?
I usually think about practicality first. What will I be doing today? Will I be on my feet all day? Will I be dancing? In meetings? What’s the weather like? Then once this is decided. I think of a color pallet.

I check the weather. Then think about what I am doing for the day. Next, I choose shoes that I can wear comfortably whatever I am doing. Then I think about my mood. Am I a romantic gypsy? Fairy? More chic and tailored? Punky/Goth? I honestly can go any which way. After I pick a general theme, I will choose one piece and work around that when deciding color palette.

If you could style one person, who would it be?
Ash: Lady GaGa.
Tessla: Agreed.

Mix and Match babes in the Triangulate top and leggings, Faux Fur Shrug from Tamo Design, Sequin Dress from BGlittz
Is there a certain album you have on repeat this week?
Ash: I have been revisiting Louisahhh’s EP “Shadow Work” lately. She has a track on there called “Ready” that is a spoken word poem over dark droney techno. Poetry is a big love of mine and to hear it over the dark atmospheric techno music combines two of my favorite things. In the song she talks about the concept of having go through times of struggle to really understand and appreciate happiness. In order to do your light work you have to do shadow work. The lyrics are so raw and deep. I would repeat some of them here but I really want you to hear it in her voice. It’s completely captivating.

Tessla: I have been getting really into progressive psytrance lately. One of my favorite artists is Beat Bizarre. Both their album, “Maunder Minimum” and their EP “Antipodal Focusing” have been hitting the spot. I’ve been switching back and forth between that and Lady Gaga’s Joanne or Joni Mitchell’s Blue.

How would you describe Desert Hearts this year?
Ash: Desert Hearts was a really great experience. It is the one time a year where our two favorite things (fashion and music) collide on such a vibrant scale. It creates the perfect canvas for us to put on our Desert Hearts Fashion Show, which I think is one of the best things we have created together. Desert Hearts is a family reunion for us, and this year we had so many incredible people gathered there. I had a lot of friends visiting from back home in Idaho and it felt so good to bring them into the Desert Hearts community.

Tessla: My favorite place on Earth. The ability to host a fashion show in the middle of the dance floor and have people love it and appreciate it so much is really special. You can’t go 5 feet without running into a friend, giving someone a hug or complimenting someone. The Desert Hearts community inspires me so much on every level, personal and professional. It’s magical to work for a team that truly has all ears and wants to hear everyone’s feelings and opinions. We are growing together.

Every street is their runway~ rocking the Awakening & Mistica one pieces, Chokers from XenoNYC and SarakaliDesigns, Boots from Dolls Kill and YRU
What other festival are you most looking forward to this summer?
Ash: Eclipse Gathering. Many of the world’s greatest festivals are coming together to create it so I am eager to experience that under a solar eclipse.

Tessla: I recently got a ticket to Burning Man and I haven’t been the past two years. I am really excited to contribute something magical to the playa.

In the theme of WCW, is there a certain woman who inspires you?
Ash: Iris Apfel is a big inspiration for us. She has this quote where she says “When you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else.” This has always stuck with me. She has a look that you can only get through decades of research and a hunger for the art of fashion.  

Tessla: Yes to Iris! And the spirit of that, a lot of the ladies featured in Advanced Style continue to be inspirations for us. Not only have they been building collections for 50+ years but they dress up every single day because they love it so much! We tend to do that to but their level of accessorizing and color paletting is so impressive. I love the idea of the older we get, the crazier and more unique our styles will get! 

Styling babes in the Mistica one piece with Starseed leggings & the Awakening one piece with Orbit joggers, Hair Wraps from Rust Locks, Choker from Marina Fini


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Glitter Spies



The photos in this blog post were shot by Haley Busch and Hair was done by Morgan Yates.

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