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Travel Tuesday: Kaolin Mines

by Nicole Boychuck April 18, 2017

Travel Tuesday: Kaolin Mines

Today's Travel Tuesday transports you to our most recent festival photoshoot location, the Kaolin Mines in Georgia! We have a great Wolfpack out of Atlanta so they took the 3.5 hour road trip to this beautiful oasis! As I'm sure most of you know, road trip essentials are snacks & comfy clothes. Some of our new leggings in the Gravitation line are perfect for a day on the road. Snacking on some Lara bars and trail mix, our wolfpack hit the road. Sami, Ashley, Avery and Sara spent their drive laughing, jamming out to music and playing car games as they passed by green fields, open farms and beautiful old architecture. 

Wolfpack babe, Sami Holmes, stuns in the Shanti suit

After arriving in Sandersville, GA, the girls checked into the hotel and went to visit the location where they would be shooting: the chalk mines. The beauty and mystery behind the gorgeous white sands is the mineral of Kaolin. Kaolin is one of Georgia's most important minerals. It is an alumina-silicate clay that's used in products like cosmetics, medicine and paint. The striking contrast of the white sands, blue sky, and blue lake is seriously stunning. Pair the landscape with some beautiful, bold prints in our Ascension swimwear, and magic was created.

Babe Avery Miller in the Cielo suit

Beauty Ashley Miller in the Shanti suit

Once you arrive at the mines, there is a long dirt road that leads you to huge open chalk mines filled with sand, chalk and baby blue water. The girls explored for a bit, running around this magical little world in the heart of Georgia. The following day, they returned to shoot some of these majestic pictures. They embraced the child in them, running around. climbing hills, hiding in little valleys and soaked up the sun before jumping in the car and heading home after an amazing weekend in sustainable swimwear.

The beautiful Miller twins in the Cielo and Maya suits

Nicole Boychuck
Nicole Boychuck


Nicole Boychuck is a fashion student at Philadelphia University. She spends her free time blogging, setting trends, traveling and being the best dog (and cat!) mom she can be. Current projects include her blog Wanderess World, working as a Social Media Intern for Wolven Threads, and Visual Merchandising at a local boutique.