Ruby Chase

“ It is time we bring the ancient rhythms back into the mainstream and remember where we come from and why we dance ”  - Ruby Chase
Our WCW segment this week brings you the ball of light that is Ruby Chase. She is a creative visionary, performing artist, song writer, producer and total girl boss. Ruby creates music in her genre she calls, Organic Dance Music or ODM, where she pairs aspects of indie music with the dance worthy rhythms of tribal bass.  You can catch this beauty performing on stages at festivals all summer long, or on the TV series, Rave Train. Her energy shines and touches the soul of people she surrounds, you can feel it even just by watching her Instagram Stories. Keep reading to learn more about this uber-talented beauty!
You took over our insta-story at Lucidity this past weekend and it looked amazing!! What were some of your favorite moments from the weekend?
I had such a fun time taking over Wolven Threads story last weekend at Lucidity Festival!  Some highlights were capturing all the magic of the festival in 360 with my @RaveTrainTV media crew and performing a spontaneous set of my original music Saturday Night in the Galactic Garden Dome by @nOva.nOva and @faerynrose!
It seems like you are always working, what projects are you currently working on this week?
My work is my play and I have a lot of projects in action!  This week I am bouncing between making some house music with @iammscls, to wrapping up a new single with @TheRubyOfRome and then i'm off to @Coachella this weekend to perform with @the_narrators with the @thedolab :) We will be interviewing artists and guests, dancing on stage and causing a scene! It is going to be sooo fun!
Ruby in the new Starseed Top & Leggings at Lucidity
How do you make sure you stay balanced in such a busy life?
To maintain balance through the wild flow of life I turn to yoga and nutrition!  My daily greens and herbal blends from Purium keep me in tune and feeling great!
What's your spirit animal?
My spirit animal is a kitty ;) ps... my soon to be announced DJ duo with @roxanneruby is called Catnip ;)
Ruby in the new Lineage Joggers & Sri Yantrify Crop Top
Are you planning on going to any other festivals this season?
Festival wise, this season I will be hitting Coachella, performing at LIB, possibly EDC & Middle Lands and have 2 main stage sets debuting some new music along with @soul_fire_productions at the Oregon Eclipse gathering!
What do you love most about making music?
The thing I love most about making music is the effect that the songs can have within the listener :)  Its an intimate experience, sharing a moment with one person at a time or millions!  I've also been loving collaborating with DJ's an producers ranging across all genre's from trance to techno, tribal to trap!  I am eliminating the box and having a blast doing it!
Ruby in the Butterfly Being Suit
What was the best meal you ate this week?
The best vegan meal I had this week was a huge arugula, date and homegrown fig salad and special superfood popcorn with Purium Spirulina and tropic oil! Nutritious and delicious!

In the theme of WCW, is there a certain woman that inspires you?

My WCW is @cerene_ ! I got to watch her in her element performing at @lucidityfestival this past weekend and I'm so excited to play with you at Coachella!

Ruby dancing the day away in the Transcendence One Piece


Stay up to date with Ruby's journey on her website and instagram!

Organic Dance Music perfect to Party with a Purpose

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