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We're super excited to share our Women Crush Wednesday this week, the insanely talented Shiva Linga AKA Shivani Desai. This wolfpack babe is a great musician, who can virtually pick up any instrument and blow your mind. Her new album, Parallel in Universe releases March 30, 2017! You'll be able to order Parallel Universe on the iTunes store on Thursday. For today, feast your ears on some of her music on her Soundcloud in anticipation of this amazing new album.

All music on the album is written, performed, produced, and audio engineered by SHIVA LINGA (AKA Shivani Desai). 

Your new album comes out this week! What has been your favorite part of making it?
My favorite part of making this album is capturing life along the way. Almost as an auditory journal, these sounds reflect upon life experiences and hold meaning beyond this world. 
What first influenced you to get into the music industry?
As a child, I viewed music solely as art first - and later realized the industry aspect of the art form. Music itself has always been at the core of my being, & over the years I have used it as a means to express myself, and the unknown. The industry will play its part, my true purpose is the music. 
How many instruments can you play? Which would you say is your favorite?
I play 5 instruments fully, my voice, guitar, drums, synthesizers, and sitar. My favorite has to be guitar, because I can express myself the most with it. When I close my eyes, my fingers fly - and for a moment I'm merely a catalyst of the unknown, playing whatever flows through my body. 
What has been your favorite place you've ever visited?
If I had to choose, my favorite place that I have visited would have to be India. It was incredible to be around ancient structures and knowledge. Visiting temples and caves over 5,000 years old, I was really able to visualize a timeline of knowledge and how it has progressed, or regressed as some might say. 
Shivani in the Mandala Yoga Top and Leggings in the Ganges River
What's your spirit animal?
What do you love most about music?
What I love most about music is how it travels through space. Sound can be defined as waves that pass through a medium. These vibrations pass through us in the same way. If you pay attention to the frequencies that pass through our bodies, you can affect a persons' being as a whole. 
Do you have an absolute favorite song on the new album?
On the album, I have put all of the songs in a specific order. This order will tell a story, and each song is just another piece of the puzzle. Every song is just as important as the next, and each will bring different emotions and knowledge. 
In the theme of WCW, is there a certain woman that inspires you?
MIA, Erykah Badu, Nai Palm from Haitus Kaiyote, the band La Luz, Lauryn Hill, SZA, Tommy Genesis, Kali Uchis, and FKA Twigs to name a few. All incredibly strong, beautiful, and independent women in the music industry that I respect immensely.
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March 29, 2017

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