Spooky season’s coming up quickly, but there’s nothing to be afraid of when you know how to work with the planets. As the sun moves from persuasive, flirtatious Libra (happy birthday!) to the mysterious water sign of Scorpio on October 23rd, the name of the game is intensity and depth. 

This month, there’s no time for small talk or beating around the bush – if it doesn’t make you feel something, it’s time to move along. Here’s your horoscope for the month of October. 


Jupiter has been in Aries for a few months now, but it leaves on the 28th of October – it’s a great time to take advantage of that expansive energy while it lasts. Finish up (or start) that project, say yes to that invitation, and don’t be afraid to take up space. Wherever you are, you’re meant to be there, unapologetically. The full moon is in Aries on the 9th, too – expect good news about something you’ve been working on.


While Jupiter is in Aries for the rest of this month, Taurus signs might find themselves stepping forward into a big financial milestone. School, a new home or apartment, or maybe something luxurious you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to? It might be time to take the plunge. While the full moon is in Aries on October 9th, you’ll want to lay low. Remember that sometimes, resting is the most productive thing you can do.


When aren’t you busy, Gemini? As one of the most bustling times of the year approaches, make sure you’re not overdoing it. Do you really want to go to that party? Your energy shouldn’t be treated like a renewable resource, so check in with yourself and make sure you’re spending time in ways that’ll charge you, not deplete you. Keep your head on as straight as you can, because some things are better left alone.


The month of October might feel like it’s full of pushes and pulls for our Cancer friends. As a fellow water sign, it’s easy to get caught up in the intense and possessive energy of the Scorpio Sun. There’s no need to force things to happen faster than they need to – pushiness can often end up having the opposite effect you’re looking for. Just keep doing what you’re doing and results will surely follow.


It’s easy for the passionate Leo to get swept up in the intense energy of this transitional season, but be careful with who you let charm their way into your corner. The truest people in your life always find their way to you naturally and are drawn to you when you’re feeling like your most authentic self. You of all people should revel in that feeling, Leo! You want everyone to like you, but don’t let them seduce you. 


You’ve been on a roll for a while now, Virgo, but maybe in ways that have been flying under the radar with your social or professional circle. But that’ll change this month, and you’ll be surprised who starts to notice what you’ve been up to. When the full moon enters Aries this month, you can expect some flattering social validation from someone you respect and admire. Hard work always pays off, but you already knew that.


As the romantic (read: flirt) of the zodiac, relationships have always been on the list of your top priorities. But this month feels like something extra special for your closest partnerships, as Jupiter in Aries is in your seventh house – the keeper of our most important relationships. Take advantage of this feeling of closeness to your partner or dear friends, and express gratitude for them whenever you can.


Lovers of stability and intensity, there's nothing spookier to a Scorpio than changes on the horizon. But don’t worry – it's never as scary as it seems. The full moon will be in your 6th house this month, predicting a new vibe or improvement in the home, or with your daily routine. Start that renovation project, lean into your meditation practice, and seek enjoyment in your daily tasks. These are the things that keep us grounded.


As always, you’re in charge of your destiny this month. While your lucky ruling planet Jupiter remains in Aries throughout the rest of the month, it’ll be in your fifth house of pleasure. Basically, it’s time to live it up and let go of any stress you’ve been carrying around recently. Don’t worry if you haven’t been seeing results in certain areas – prioritizing fun is a perfectly valid way to live.


You might feel as though your life this year has been a bit more quiet and domestic than usual, with Jupiter in Aries in your 4th house strengthening your connection to your roots, home, and family. But this month, you’re ready to start making some moves. Start planning a long-awaited trip with loved ones, or take off for a last-minute fall getaway on your own. At the very least, you can start making a wishlist on Airbnb!


This month, you’ve got a way with words – and people are tuned into what you’re saying. Jupiter’s in Aries until the 28th, sitting in your third house of communication. Lean into any inclination toward writing, speaking, or otherwise expressing yourself this month. That doesn’t mean be hasty with your words, though – what you say matters, and don’t be surprised if you end up rubbing someone the wrong way.


You might be the winner this month, Pisces. It’s been a positive year overall for you, and you’re feeling especially forward and charismatic into October. Don’t be afraid to make the first move, and start the kinds of conversations you want to be having. Fellow water signs are especially susceptible to the Scorpio Sun, so stay true to yourself and be careful not to get wrapped up in seduction.

September 13, 2022

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