The Sun is in Virgo – the perfect time to get things organized, check off those old to-do list tasks, and think with your brain, not your heart. Virgo is all about logic and practicality, which is why things might feel a little more chaotic than usual when Mercury enters retrograde from September 9th to October 10th. 

Because the planet Mercury is the ruler of communication, it’s not unexpected to experience challenging moments when it comes to our relationships, whether that's work, friendships, or romantic partnerships. Misunderstandings and general mishaps are what we’ve come to anticipate during this planetary phenomenon, but you can brace yourself.

Not to worry – with the guiding energy of Virgo, you’re sure to navigate this coming retrograde with your head on straight. Here’s your monthly horoscope for the transitional, transformational month of September. 


It might feel like the world around you is picking up its daily pace, but knowing what you really want makes it that much easier to prioritize your schedule. Pay close attention to how you’re spending your time, and be sure that what you’re giving energy to is giving it right back. If you need to, it’s a great time to reevaluate how much you’re extending yourself. 


Taurus is one of the lucky signs that will be least affected by Mercury retrograde this month, which is great for the bull that appreciates consistency. As the Sun enters another kindred Earth sign, Virgo, it’ll highlight the inspiration and excitement that’s already all around you. This month, focus on taking care of yourself and what’s already in front of you, rather than seeking new adventures. 


Busy Gemini, it’s easy for you to keep yourself a little too busy. Mercury retrograde’s chaotic energy could make it feel harder than usual to stay on top of your daily tasks, both for work and in your bustling social life. Channel the energy of the practical Virgo Sun to slow yourself down a bit and focus on the projects at the top of your list. There will always be shiny distractions – it’s a great time to practice ignoring them. 


Lucky Leos will be kept pretty safe from the tumult of this month’s Mercury retrograde. As your splashy summer season comes to an end, reflect and take stock of those experiences, and integrate them into the chill, slow season ahead. Keep an eye on those finances, and don’t let minor miscommunications get you overthinking. You’ve never had a problem with saying what you feel, so don’t start censoring yourself now. 


Deep and honest communication is so important to Cancers, and Mercury retrograde might have you reading between the lines for things that aren’t actually there. Take it easy on yourself, and be careful not to project your own internal emotions onto your loved ones. Prioritize meaningful conversations – call an old friend, write a letter, or dive into a creative project that helps you speak your truth. 


Happy birthday to our Virgos! A new year always brings opportunities for transformation. Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo, and its retrograde this month might shine a light on some of the more difficult relationships in your life. A tough conversation might reveal a connection that’s finally run its course. Venus will enter your sign from September 22-25, which is coincidentally a great time to welcome new friends and lovers into your world.


As one of the most expressive signs, the Sun in thoughtful Virgo might have you questioning the way you present yourself to the world. This is a great time to become further grounded in the type of person you want to be, and be seen as, and these reflections will be particularly strong with the full moon on September 10th. When big decisions arise, ask yourself: does this reflect the truest version of myself? 


This can be quite an introspective period for you – in the best and most productive way. Take some extra alone time to process the summer months and practice the power of positive thinking. You could even try setting a new mantra for the year ahead. Mercury retrograde will take place in your 12th house this month, meaning it’s likely to be quite gentle with our solitary Scorpios. 


Even though the summer’s coming to an end, the party doesn’t stop for Sagittarius. Virgo season, and even some of the chaos from Mercury retrograde, are likely to energize you when it comes to work, your social life, and getting excited about your plans for the future. Your goals might shift, but you’re always moving forward, straight as an arrow.


With your driving work ethic, setting clear intentions and staying focused on your internal desires is key for you this month. Mercury retrograde is a great time to lay low – you might even consider taking yourself on a vacation. Introspective time in a new environment can teach you something about yourself, and even where you’d like to steer your career. 


You might enjoy this Mercury retrograde the most, Aquarius. Not to say that it’ll be easy, but it can leave you with an opportunity to clarify your beliefs, ignite an interest in a new topic, or resurface opportunities from the past. Your closest relationships will be especially important to you this month – keep your true friends close and nurture those connections, especially while Venus is in Virgo from September 5 and September 28.


This month brings a heavy focus on your relationships – work, romantic, and platonic. Mercury retrograde could cause some confusion around comfort and boundaries, so make sure you’re sticking true to what you really want. The full moon on September 10th could prompt an unexpected message from someone you haven’t heard from in a while. Just don’t give more of yourself than you have available.

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